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Mozilla Quietly Adds Features From Tor Browser to Firefox

In 2017, the developers at Mozilla have quietly added several features to Firefox that originated from the Tor Project’s Tor Browser. The new features come from the Tor Uplift project, which helps Mozilla integrate patches to Firefox that are used in the Tor Browser. The Tor Uplift project patches to Firefox help increase privacy and security, and the project has ... Read More »

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Tor Browser Updates Patch IP Leaking TorMoil Bug

With the new updates in Tor Browser version 7.0.9 for Linux and Mac operating systems, Tor is now patched up from a new vulnerability that was recently discovered that would cause Tor Browser to leak the IP address of its user. The vulnerability was given the name TorMoil by the person who discovered, Filippo Cavallarin of wearesegment.com. The bug does ... Read More »

Tor Fingerprinting – Is the Tor Browser Immune Against Browser Fingerprinting?

On October 4, 2013, the Guardian published a report which stated that Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee and whistleblower, sent the British newspaper classified documents that proved that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been repeatedly making attempts to formulate successful attacks against Tor, or the onion router. However, the report claimed that all of NSA’s attempts failed to ... Read More »

Is The Tor Browser Fully Anonymous? (The Myth and Reality)

Many think that Tor is a fully anonymous and secure means for browsing the internet, that doesn’t give a chance to anyone to monitor one’s browsing behavior and trace it back to his/her physical location, but is this really true? Tor is not perfectly anonymous, as it has a group of risks and limitations, which one should pay attention to, ... Read More »

Cross Browser Tracking Techniques

Web tracking has been evolving quickly. The first generation tracking technique adopts stateful, server-set identifiers, such as cookies and evercookie. After that, the second-generation tracking technique called fingerprinting emerges, moving from stateful identifiers to stateless— i.e., instead of setting a new identifier, the second-generation technique explores stateless identifiers like plug-in versions and user agent that already exist in browsers. The ... Read More »

Risk of Using Browser Autofill Feature

Everybody hates filling out web forms so some browsers offer a handy Autofill feature to automate the job for you. Unfortunately, it’s handy for hackers, too. Hackers can abuse this feature to phish for your private information as well as credit card number, expiration date and cvc. Any website can have a lot of hidden fields that might get auto-filled ... Read More »

Browser Fingerprinting: Does Your Browser Stand Out?

Those of us who use Tor are probably already concerned about privacy. So, in that sense, are you aware of your browser fingerprint? For those unfamiliar with the term, browser fingerprinting is a method of tracking web browsers by the configuration and settings data that they make available to websites. This type of tracking reveals a considerable amount of information ... Read More »

Tor Teams with Researchers to Harden Tor Browser

Due to the FBI’s success de-anonymizing Tor users, the Tor Project is teaming up with researchers to protect users from any further hacking from the FBI. Vice reports. Pretty recent court cases have shown that the FBI is well capable of hacking Tor, even though the software is praised for its reputation as the best online privacy software available. A ... Read More »

FBI Ignoring Courts Order To Reveal Browser Hack

There are a bunch of different cases going on right now concerning the FBI secretly running the hidden Tor based child porn site Playpen for two weeks, then tracking users of the site wit malware in order to identify them. The courts so far have been fine with the FBI’s overall actions of running the site, but there are increasing ... Read More »