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Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty to Bulk Buying Cannabis off The Dark Web.

Postal service providers play a big role in the dark web drug trade; they facilitate delivery of drug packages unknowingly. Dependence on postal services to deliver packages has proven to be a big challenge to dark web drug trade, as postal inspectors have been intercepting mailed packages leading to arrests and subsequent prosecution of alleged package owners. Jesse McMahon, 25, ... Read More »

Cannabis Legalization Attempt Failed In South Tyrol

South Tyrol (Alto Adige in Italian) is an autonomous province in Italy with a population more than 500,000. Recently, in Bolzano, the capital city of the region, the libertarians issued a motion to legalize cannabis use, however, it was rejected by the South Tyrolian State Parliament. “Alto Adige has to fight with a sprawling drug swamp,” Pius Leitner from the ... Read More »

Guest Post: A legal guide to cannabis seeds

 Guest post by ICE Cannabis Seeds As the law on legal highs enters a new phase of criticism for being overly confusing, with even MPs unclear on what it covers (The Guardian looks at ‘psychoactive’ inclusions), it’s important to be up to date on the legal side of cannabis seeds. What does the law currently stipulate in the UK and ... Read More »

Horticultural Student In Perth Caught Ordering Cannabis From Canada

Steven Kennedy (35), a horticultural student of Scott Street, Perth, Scotland, has been caught ordering 250 grams of Orange Bud (cannabis type) from Canada using the Agora Marketplace while it was still open. He ordered the package to his home address, however, an airport sniffer dog intercepted the parcel. As a result of that, the weed was not delivered by ... Read More »

Cannabis Road Hacked: $100,000 (~200 Bitcoins) Gone

It been a while since we had one of these messages, but now, Cannabis Road market – the market that was established for cannabis vendors only, got hacked and is now offline until further notice.  If you will try and navigate to the market url, you will get this message:   Greetings Cannabis Road users. I am devastated to announce ... Read More »

Interview With “Cannabis Road” Lead Developer

Update: Cannabis Road Hacked: $100,000 (~200 Bitcoins) Gone One of the more loved markets currently is the market called “Cannabis Road”, A market dedicated only to cannabis products, no other drugs, no weapons and no carding, but this was not always the case, at the beginning this market was developed by different people than the current ones, developers that were ... Read More »