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Attorney Still Fighting In Washington State Playpen Case

The child pornography suspect busted in Washington state told the federal judge presiding over the case that the prosecutors need to put fourth some evidence or give up the fight. Colin Fieman, Jay Michaud’s attorney, had argued that the prosecutors have to provide his client and himself access to the source code used in the FBI’s NIT. Thus far the ... Read More »

OPSEC Fail: Ex-Judge Arrested In Online Impersonation Case

Online impersonation is a crime in Texas, which is what former Judge Christoper Dupuy is being charged two counts of. In a case similar to that of Preston Alexander McWaters’, the 43 year old also has problems with handling rejection from women. You see, Dupuy had known a woman – let’s call her Jane – for 20 years and had ... Read More »

Dark Web Ricin Case: Judge Rejected Recommended Sentence

Judge Vince Girdhari Chhabria rejected the recommended sentence of 30 months in prison and three years probation of Ryan Kelly Chamberlain (44). Chamberlain is a former political consultant who pleaded guilty to the possession of a biological toxin and a firearm with the serial number removed. He acquired the poison and the .22 caliber Derringer pistol from Black Market Reloaded ... Read More »

More Arrests In The Playpen Case

Operation Pacifier, being one of the largest action targeting the dark web by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had resulted in the arrests of more than 135 people in 18 states in child pornography cases. The operation included both the bust of the child porn website Playpen and placing a malware on the website that tracked and logged the users ... Read More »

‘DoctorClu’ Pleads Guilty In Silk Road 2.0 Case

Earlier this month on March 11, a plea was entered into the District Court for the Western District of Washington where Brian Farrell admitted to being DoctorClu, one of the “key players” in Silk Road 2.0. With this admission, Farrell pleaded guilty to Conspiracy To Distribute Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine. He was charged with this because of his position on ... Read More »

Multiple Men Indicted in Districts First BTC Related Case

According to William J. Hochul Jr., U.S. Attorney, a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging Richard Petix, of Rochester, NY with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business and making material false statements. A separate indictment charging Zhe Wang and Kevin Szura, both from Queens, with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, money laundering conspiracy, money laundering, and conducting a monetary ... Read More »

Judge Ordered FBI To Reveal Malware Used In Child Pornography Case

A judge ruled that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has to provide every detail of their operation on the dark web that resulted in the hacking of around 1,000 computers. When asked, Colin Fieman, a federal public defender, said that the report will also include the malware used in the attack. His official statement goes by: “The declaration from our ... Read More »

Controlled Chemical Delivery – A Case Study

As has been covered in previous articles, policing involves resource distribution. At the end of the day, all mid level to higher level investigations are not interested in the supply chain and logistics management of the multiple tiers on dealing which happen. The operational objectives of a mid to higher level operation being run by professional investigators is the suppression ... Read More »

Secrets to Unmasking Bitcoin Scams – 4 Eye Opening Case Studies

Guest post by Ofir Beigel is the owner of 99Bitcoins – Bitcoin offers great opportunities for people to exchange money online instantly and anonymously. However, many sites take advantage of Bitcoin’s pseudo anonymous nature and use it in order to scam people out of their coins. I’m sure this is not something you didn’t already know. But here’s the kicker: ... Read More »

Official Info About Sheep Case From Czech Ministry of Finance

Following this article. Source of the info is /u/karleb from this thread: I have found (with a help of a friend) a small additional info about Sheep case, from Czech Ministry of Finance’s Financial Analytical Office (FAÚ) annual report FAÚ is a relatively new office that has the power to look to any Czech bank account instantly and follow the ... Read More »

Site Doxx’es Judge of Silk Road Case – Calls To “Swat” Her

Update 26.10.14: Added comment from freeross.org: We strongly condemn the outrageous threats to Judge Forrest And the worst idea award for 2014 goes to the anonymous poster who created a page on (one of the) the Hidden Wiki(s), containing a full doxx (all personal details) of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York judge Katherine B. ... Read More »

The Impact of the Silk Road Case on 21st Century Law

Recorded at the Free State Project’s annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest 2014) on June 27, 2014. The Federal government claims Ross Ulbricht created and operated Silk Road under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts. He has pleaded not guilty on four counts: narcotics trafficking; computer hacking; money laundering; and engaging in a criminal enterprise. He faces up to 30 years in ... Read More »