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Monero Considers Implementing zk-STARKs

Monero is one of the most privacy-centric cryptocurrency currently being used, and its developers are continually researching ways to make the cryptocurrency even more private and secure. Originally launched in April 2014 as BitMonero, the project quickly shortened the name simply to Monero, which means Coin in Esperanto. Monero is based on the CryptoNote protocol and uses ring signatures for ... Read More »

Australia Considers Forcing ISPs to Block Digital Threats

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity, Dan Tehan, recently vocalized an opinion that made waves. From one perspective—that of the lawmakers behind some recent darknet legislation—his firmly rooted opinion fit in. From a perspective shared by numerous journalists, though, the firmly rooted opinion was nothing short of ridiculous. Not simply other internet voices either, but Naked Security’s Bill ... Read More »