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Georgia Man Jailed For Role in Cybercrime against Kansas County

A Georgia man will now spend two years and three months in federal prison for his role in an email parody scheme that cost Sedgwick County more than $566,000. George S. James, a 49-year-old from Brookhaven, Georgia, was on Wednesday sentenced to 27 months in prison, according to U.S Attorney Tom Beall. James pleaded guilty to one count of wire ... Read More »

Teenage PlayPen Member Sentenced to Six Months in County Jail

Over the course of the last year, we learned of the FBI’s blatant disregard for the federal law during Operation Playpen. They hacked, at a minimum, 8,000 computers and only received a warrant from a magistrate judge in Virginia. Luckily for 19-year-old Lucas Zalesny, the District Attorney knew that Federal judges were throwing out the FBI’s evidence. After Zalesny had ... Read More »

Macomb County Computer Enforcement Targets Dark Web Predator

Macomb County, Mich.’s Computer Enforcement, Macomb Area Computer Enforcement(MACE) is targeting child predators on the dark web. I had no idea there were so many sick people out there who want to prey on children,” Sgt. Pamela McLean, MACE. McLean goes undercover to catch child predators. Around 80 % of their computer crime cases are child exploitation cases. “The want ... Read More »