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CryptoCurrencies News Roundup 18.2.18

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments. New developments: Ellen DeGeneres mentioned Bitcoin to her 3 million viewers Popular American TV show host Ellen DeGeneres recently did a small take on Bitcoin during her show. During the few minutes she spoke about the flagship cryptocurrency, DeGeneres likened it to the photo of a baby goat, as both only ... Read More »

Cryptocurrencies News Roundup 28.1.17

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments New developments: “Biggest theft in crypto history”: Coincheck hacked for over $500 million in NEM This week, popular Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was hacked. Notably, the exchange lost over 500 million NEM tokens, then worth over $530 million, as hackers managed to penetrate its hot wallet, which had all stolen funds ... Read More »

Some countries are opening doors to adopt cryptocurrencies in a larger scale

Different countries around the world are facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies for monetary operations. Estonia Estonia, known already for being a technologically leading country, deeply analyzed and proposed, is set to issue a new legal cryptocurrency, named Estocoin, that would be recognized as a legal currency. Kaspar Korjus, Managing Director at e-Residency, posted in a Blog that the country would ... Read More »

Australian Authorities: Rise In Organized Crime Is Due To The Increased Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies

Australia’s financial sector has experienced a major increase in organized crime. The country’s criminal intelligence agency reported that this rise is due to the growth of online banking systems and increased popularity of cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) published a report, in which the agency stated that the expected damage of the money laundering and further financial ... Read More »

With The EU Funding The Project, Swedish Police Researching Cybercrime And Cryptocurrencies

Along with other national police forces in the European Union, the Swedish police is seeking EU funds to research cybercrime involving the dark web and cryptocurrencies. An evaluation report published last month detailed that the Swedish, Austrian and German police are planning to raise funds from a European Union research initiative called Horizon 2020. According to the official website of ... Read More »


EU Report: Criminals Lack the Skill to Use Cryptocurrencies

A recent EU SNRA report [pdf] outlined the current risks in the terrorist financing (TF) and money laundering (ML) sectors. The European Commission report briefly outlined virtual currencies (VCs) and then boldly claimed that “criminal organizations” avoided them due to the “high technology required.” Criminals want to use virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, or Litecoin—but the currencies are too ... Read More »

How to start a career writing about cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology in general, have created tens of jobs that were not available before the genesis block was first mined. Script & multisig developers, microtransaction engineers, ASIC chip designers, cryptocurrency escrow agents and cryptocurrency journalists & writers are few examples of jobs that never existed before the advent of bitcoin. Writing about cryptocurrencies can be a reasonably ... Read More »

Belgian Researcher: Authorities Should Be Prepared For The Breakthrough Of Cryptocurrencies

According to a researcher, all Belgian investigation services, the tax inspection to law enforcement authorities, must prepare for the breakthrough of virtual money. Dirk Dierickx, head of the E-Audit of the Belgian tax authorities who specializes in both bitcoins and altcoins, stated that since virtual currencies are not regulated, they are very susceptible to fraud. The researcher shared his experiences ... Read More »

Tutorial – Altcoin Flipping : Making Money Online Via Trading Cryptocurrencies

The year of 2017 is definitely the year of crypto, especially that the market capital of cryptocurrencies has reached its all time high during the past week, recording around $28.7 billion according to data from coinmarketcap.com. Many cryptocurrency traders, or more precisely “altcoin flippers”, as myself have made some good profits during the past few weeks. I managed to double ... Read More »

New Hampshire Bill Would Defend Cryptocurrencies

A new bill recently passed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives would reverse regulations created by a law that was enacted in 2015. The regulations enacted in 2015 were the result of ironically numbered House Bill 666, a piece of legislation that was requested by the New Hampshire Banking Department. House Bill 666 regulated certain cryptocurrency businesses as money ... Read More »

An Application That Converts National Fiat Currencies To Blockchain Based Cryptocurrencies

The high security levels offered by cryptocurrencies, via the blockchain technology, offer an ideal financial ecosystem for minting national currencies. A recently published paper introduced an innovative application that utilizes the blockchain technology to transform fiat money into a cryptocurrency; ether. This technology can become a part of a much bigger system, so that, after travelling outside his/her country, a ... Read More »

Using Cryptocurrencies To Regulate The Deep Web

The dark web represents an encrypted part of the internet that is hosted on hidden servers, whereas the deep web refers to all web services that can’t be indexed by traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The dark web includes various players such as privacy advocates, whistle blowers and investigative reporters along with drug dealers, computer hackers, child ... Read More »

Mass Acceptance of Bitcoin. How to Make Cryptocurrencies and Credit Cards Familiar with Each Other

Despite the growing number of crypo wallets and transactions, Bitcoin remains a niche product. To become a popular means of payment, it must be accepted by large trading networks and payment systems. Widespread use of Bitcoins depends on the ability of people to pay their bills and purchases in cryptocurrencies. This means that we need to combine Bitcoin and credit ... Read More »

ZiftrCoin: the Future of Cryptocurrencies?

Recently a new site (ziftrcoin.com) has emerged, claiming to fuel the market. They bring another cryptocurrency, the ziftrCoin, but promise it’s different from these virtual currencies you’ve used before. The promise is a “gateway coin to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption”. They are set out to revamp the way we spend cryptocurrency as a consumer. Their business model is known as the ... Read More »