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The Deep Webb – New Darknet version of Reddit

Just announced on the clearnet version of Reddit: I welcome the beta version of the darknet of reddit or the deep web. http://2c7lhc5tai5a3wdd.onion.top You can call it the front page of the deep web. The site functions just like reddit but more taboo subjects. Go ahead and create subreddits and lets see what happens. As it’s in beta, some functions ... Read More »

Israeli Teen Arrested For Selling Drugs Bought On The DarkNet

According to the Israeli news site Walla.co.il, A package that raised suspicion at the ben-gurion airport customs was searched and found to contain Hundreds of grams of marijuana, the packaged was addressed to an 18 years old who was arrested and (apparently) admitted of receiving at least 10 other packages of various drugs. The suspect claimed that he learned how ... Read More »

Operation Onymous: Darknet Related Bust In Ireland

Update 2:  Busts confirmed – Silk Road 2 seized And other markets seized -See all the posts related to this ongoing case –  Silk road Bust Tag Update: Trying to verify the connection to several markets being down at this time Its is not yet clear who is the vendor that was arrested but it was just published in irte.ie ... Read More »

Interview With a DarkNet Vendor: VamonosDab

I’ve been searching for a Darknet vendor willing to be interviewed for a while now. I’m interested in not only advice and experiential knowledge, but also in a basic profile of the type of person who was attracted to the Darknet markets to vend products. I was put into contact with this particular vendor last month after seeing an ad ... Read More »

How DarkNet Markets will Undermine Government Control: Guns

The debate on whether or not average citizens should be allowed to own guns has raged on for many years. People on the far left believe that no one, other than government agents, should have any guns, ever, for any reason. They say that, if the government takes away the guns from all people, while keeping guns for themselves, the ... Read More »

Introducing Crypt Design: DarkNet Design Services!

This is one interesting service – while browsing Grams few months ago i saw a banner saying “Design services for the Dark Net” and i also saw that this service was used to design the Grams sub reddit, at the time i was looking for someone to redesign DDW so i contacted this service called Crypt – and as you ... Read More »

Interview With a (Mostly?) Legal DarkNet Vendor

As the end of our “interviews season” is approaching – meaning, i am going to stop doing them soon, its too much time consuming and i think we have heard almost everything by now, We can sum up that So far we had the chance to talk with the illegal side of the DNM scene –  Vendors, Market admins, Money ... Read More »

“DarkNet Marketing Services” Is the New Emerging Market?

As the number of DNM’s and DNM’s userbase keeps growing at a fast rate and with every media exposure we see more and more users, vendors and markets trying buy and sell services on the DeepWeb. Naturally this reality causes an increase in the level of competition between those who seek to sell services and get the buyers attention (and ... Read More »

DeepDotWeb’s DarkNet Dictionary Project!

For those of you that are just beginning with the DarknetMarkets, we have compiled a list of the terms you might come across while browsing around including links to important resources, have any term that is missing here?  let us know! something needs fixing?  contact us! or leave a comment, Thanks to the redditors / mods who helped us compile ... Read More »

Darknet Nation: DarkNetMarket Social Network

Update: This site was taken down. So recently we came across a new service that was published on the Hub forums, the concept based on seemed interesting so we contacted the admin to ask him some questions in order to make a nice introduction post about this new Darknet community / social network. it is called Darknet Nation, and can ... Read More »

Sheep Marketplace Scam: Over 40,000,000$ in the Biggest Darknet Scam Ever!

Tl;DR: Sheep Marketplace disabled withdrawals, but allowed deposits for the past 10 days or so. They have now disabled the forums after deleting posts related to the inability to withdraw and all this just to start moving the bitcoins from the marketplace to another location (BlockChain Link –  Explanation below) * 1/12/13 Update: Sheep Marketpace is now officially Down – ... Read More »

Darknet Distrust: The Reaction To SR 2.0 In Competing Marketplaces?

Since the October takedown of the first Silk Road, the illicit sector of the Tor network has been scrambling to cope with the recent changes in darknet superpowers.  Like a child blowing on an anthill, the feds seemed to have whipped the community into a fearful frenzy.  Causing even more anxiety is the focused, scorching magnifying glass on a few, ... Read More »