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Two Darknet Cases in Upper Austria Only Days Apart

After “extensive” research, officials explained, the Gallneukirchen Police Department collected enough evidence to incarcerate a 25-year-old drug dealer. Authorities knew the suspect had frequently ordered drugs from vendors on the darknet. They knew that he ordered definitely from vendors in the Netherlands and within Germany. In spite of the police’s suspicions, the suspect denied all accusations and avoided detention. Police ... Read More »


Specialist Claims Successful Coin Mining Days are Gone

  At the Research and Applied AI Summit in London, the director of technology at Darktrace spoke of a bank server that a European crime syndicate hijacked to mine Bitcoin. The incident contrasted the machine learning company’s findings for recent Bitcoin mining—he explained that the era of secretive Bitcoin mining had passed. Professional enterprises with dedicated servers dominated the sector ... Read More »

Hackers Leave 900,000 Germans Without Internet for Two Days

Sunday, German company Telekom saw an outage that stretched into Monday. 900,000 customers were left without Internet, Phone, and Cable service. Routers across Germany were down for two days, and the company says that it wasn’t a problem with the network; it was identifying routers during the dial-up process. IT analysts found data that suggested the outage was the result ... Read More »

The CIA Can Predict Future Events Five Days in Advance

According to Andrew Hallman, the Deputy Director for Digital Innovation at the CIA, machine learning has tremendously evolved. Hallman said that the Digital Innovation wing at the CIA has significantly improved “anticipatory intelligence.” Anticipatory intelligence, he described, can be used to predict various activities across the globe. It can also be used to predict future social unrest up to five ... Read More »

Indicted Silk Road Admin Will Appeal Extradition Within 10 Days

Gary Davis, the Irishman ordered to be extradited to the U.S. in order to stand trial for his role as a Silk Road admin, told the press that he will be appealing the decision. Davis, formerly known as Libertas, has been fighting the extradition case for close to three years in opposition to “being dumped into an American Gulag to ... Read More »