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Hydra market denies police seizure of its servers

On December 11 the following breaking news hit the Russian darknet community: “German law enforcements spotted the largest darknet market connected with drug trafficking in countries of former Commonwealth of Independent States. It was a result of well-coordinated operation carried out by the Administration C* and German police. Special forces act promptly and at the moment analyze information stored on ... Read More »

Teen Submachine Gun Buyer Denies All Charges

In April, a teenager, 14-years-old at the time, left school and met a darknet firearms dealer. The charges stemmed from a report by undercover police officers who had caught the teen in a darknet sting operation. One officer posed as the vendor and another, after the first had convinced the suspect to buy a submachine gun and ammunition, posed as ... Read More »

Senate Denies the Chance to Stop the Changes to Rule 41

Yesterday Senator Ron Wyden asked the Senate to approve his Stopping Mass Hacking Act. The Act would temporarily block the expansion of the government’s hacking authority. Members of the Senate objected to the Senator’s motion. If passed, the amendments to Rule 41 would allow the government to hack numerous computers all over the world, with a single warrant. CCIA President ... Read More »

Judge Denies Mozilla’s Request For FBI To Come Clean

Mozilla’s bid to disclose its vulnerability was rejected by a US judge. US district court judge Robert Bryan in Tacoma, Washington. Before Mozilla requested anything, Bryan told prosecutors to give information on the flaw in the Tor browser the FBI used to track Michaud’s whereabouts. The Justice Department asked Bryan to reconsider, saying it was due to a national security ... Read More »