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Early Fraud Detection System Unveiled By MasterCard

  With the world continuing to experience great change, leading to many developments in the electronic and IT sectors, the familiar situation thus theft and hacking continue to increase. According to research, hacking is rising exponentially and this always gives the cause for worry about hackers gaining access to your credit cards and making a grab for your money. This ... Read More »

Some Cities Using Smart City Gunfire Detection

ShotSpotter, as described by the New York Post, demonstrated the advanced level of data extraction made possible by modern technology. SST’s ShotSpotter is a tool that provides law enforcement with details of a shooting far more quickly than someone can place a call. Not only that, but the technology can pick up what type of weapon, how many weapons, how ... Read More »

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Proactive Response and Detection for TOR (PReDTOR) – A Tool for De-anonymizing Tor Traffic

Tor is a free open source software that enables users to browse the internet anonymously. It utilizes a network of proxy servers from all parts of the world, known as nodes, that route internet connections. Tracing internet traffic sent via Tor represents a daunting task, because it operates via means of encrypted protocols such as HTTPS. Accordingly, determining whether data ... Read More »