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Google to Enable Encrypted DNS Requests in Android

Google has added a new function that it is testing out for the Android mobile Operating System. The new feature encrypts Domain Name Server (DNS) requests using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and is called DNS-over-TLS, similar to how HTTP data is encrypted with TLS when using the HTTPS protocol. Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system ... Read More »

Tutorial – How To Host Your Own DNS Website Domain On Ethereum’s Blockchain

You can now host DNS domains on Ethereum’s blockchain through ENS, which is short for Ethereum Name Service, a distributed, extensible domain naming system that relies on Ethereum’s blockchain. This is possible via adjusting the domain name server settings to point to gateway DNS servers, which resolve lookups through checking an ENS registry that points to resolvers including the zone ... Read More »

Fileless Malware Attack Evades AV with DNS

Malware authors never fail to find new ways of doing the same thing to go under the AV’s radar. Recently, Cisco’s security researchers team Talos spotted a novelty in controlling exploited computers. Dubbed DNSMessenger, it’s a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that used DNS to communicate with Command & Control server. DNSMessenger Infection Chain Even though attack vector includes a file, ... Read More »

8 Million Blockchain.info Left Unaccessible; DNS Hijack

The bitcoin community’s most widely used wallet platform Blockchain fell victim to a Domain Name System (DNS) hijack, which allowed attackers to compromise the platform’s DNS registrar and forced the Blockchain development team to shut down the entire website for a substantial period of time. Users of all 8 million bitcoin wallet accounts on the Blockchain platform were unable to ... Read More »

Study: Estimating hidden service traffic from DNS leaks

A new and interesting study that was published recently under the name   “Measuring the Leakage of Onion at the Root: A measurement of Tor’s .onion.top pseudo-top-level domain in the global domain name system”, By Thomas & Mohaisen 2014, Suggest the following things as they were summarized in a reddit post by Gwern: Tor is capable of providing anonymity to servers, ... Read More »