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Hunt Underway on Drug Crew operating on the Darknet

Translation of the article is published here. Was posted on /r/darknetmarkets by /u/23023203: I think we missed this article because it is behind a soft pay wall: Hunt underway on Drug crew operating on the Darknet http://www.telegraaf.nl/digitaal/23950163/__Jacht_op_drugsbende_met_online_verkoop__.html Picture of the Article: http://i.imgur.com/zObBHKL.png Source in Dutch: http://paste2.org/KhfV5peC Very short summary: Postal distribution center and UPS in the area intercepted several packages ... Read More »

So, You Want To Be a Darknet Drug Lord…

Original Source: http://pastebin.com/index/GrV3uYh5 By nachash – [email protected] (Owner Of Doxbin – A hidden service that was taken down during Operation Onymous) Interesting read, reposted here: [The advice in this article can be adapted to suit the needs of other hidden services, including ones which are legal in your jurisdiction. The threat model in mind is that of a drug market. ... Read More »

Global Drug Survey requests your help!

Global Drug Survey is an independent research organisation that operates the largest annual survey of drug use in the world. Run by addictions psychiatrist Dr Adam Winstock, Global Drug Survey strongly supports harm reduction and accepts that pleasure drives the majority of drug use, which for most people most of the time is not a source of distress or harm ... Read More »

ITOM Revealed: Europe’s Plan To Crack Down On The Online Drug Trade

Europe has been a hub of deep web activity, only second to the United States, but has seen a higher rate of arrests among dealers and buyers of darknet markets. It seems the pressure from European law enforcement is only going to rise. Recently, a document published by Netherland’s leading newspaper, Volkskrant, reveals a plan by the many European countries, ... Read More »

FedEx Accused of Drug Trafficking

From a news item published in Courthousenews service, may have some relevance to DNM users, as such cases might encourage shipping providers to deploy better screening procedures: SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – FedEx conspired to distribute controlled drugs and did deliver them, for illegal Internet pharmacies, a federal grand jury said Thursday in a 15-count indictment. The indictment, signed by U.S. ... Read More »

World Drug Report 2014: Drug Deals Multiply on the Dark Net

Some more bullshit information  – on the good side, DarknetMarkets are booming as we know: Published in IPS: UNITED NATIONS, Jul 3 2014 (IPS) – In its two years of operation, the online marketplace Silk Road raked in 1.2 billion dollars in revenue and amassed an estimated 200,000 registered users – a success story that would be any start-up’s dream. ... Read More »

How Crypto Markets will Undermine Government Control: Drug Markets

The American war on drugs has been raging long before its “official” declaration by Nixon during the Vietnam War. The real war on drugs started in 1937, when the United States Congress passed the first marijuana prohibition legislation in the history of the United States. This legislation marked the beginning of the United States government’s endless campaign to control and ... Read More »

Vendor “Xanax King”: Six Individuals Arrested on Drug Charges

As it was published in a press release from the DEA: MAY 30 (OAKLAND, Calif.) –An eleven-count federal Indictment charging nine people with participation in a conspiracy to manufacture and distribute Xanax pills and other drugs was returned by the Grand Jury on May 22, 2014, and unsealed today in federal court, announced United States Attorney Melinda Haag; Drug Enforcement ... Read More »

DoctorX “Ask a Drug Expert Physician” Thread – Now on The Hub Forums!

For those of you not familiar with DoctorX, Probably the most important harm reduction initiative for the DarkNetMarket community in the past year  – Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, a Spanish Physician who has been offering professional advice about Drugs and Health during the last year in Silk Road1 and Silk Road2 forums: http://web.archive.org/web/20131015051405/https://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion.top.to/index.php?topic=147607.0 http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion.top/index.php?topic=314.0 As he told us yesterday – He ... Read More »

Help Harm Reduction & Drug Awareness: The Hub’s Outreach!

A Thread was posted on the Hub forums Earlier Making an Outreach for Harm Reduction & Drug Awareness Experts or organization who might be interested in sharing information and knowledge in a growing deep web community, for the benefit of drug users worldwide,  can you help? do you know any organization / person who might be able to contribute? let ... Read More »

Silk Road 1.0 Buyer? Help a Drug Research.

Was posted on reddit today: Hi, Reddit. We are seeking people who have previously used Silk Road to purchase drugs to participate in our study of online drug access. Here’s a good article explaining what we are about We’re from the National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University in Australia. Here’s our plain language statement describing the research, but if you’re ... Read More »

How Fall of online drug bazaar Silk Road Began?

A Great Article posted at the Baltimoresun: As they rushed toward a suburban Utah home with guns drawn, agents knew they were on to a significant figure in the Silk Road online drug bazaar — a major cocaine dealer, perhaps. Message boards on Silk Road — the world’s most popular online drug market — had been buzzing about the sale ... Read More »

Digitalink (Silk Road drug dealer) Pleads Guilty

As it was posted at the The Baltimore Sun: An Edgewood drug dealer pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to supplying customers around the world through the Silk Road online marketplace. Jacob Theodore George IV, 32, admitted to agents with the Department of Homeland Security in January 2012 that he sold heroin and methylone — a synthetic drug often marketed ... Read More »