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Two South Devon Men Jailed For Importing Drugs From Silk Road

Nathan Wilson (30), and Jamie McAllister (35) has been both sentenced to prison for importing heroin and cannabis from the busted Silk Road marketplace. According to law enforcement officials, the two men were paying via Western Union for the drugs that have been sold from India and Thailand by vendors. The border officials have intercepted packages containing illegal substances and ... Read More »

Dunedin Students Arrested For Importing Drugs From Dark Net

Two Otago University students (aged 23) have been arrested for importing drugs from dark net markets and selling them on the streets. The police raid was a part of a joint action called Operation Albany, which was conducted at two properties located in the university area of Dunedin on November 16. The two drug-dealing students were granted name suppression by ... Read More »

Air Force Cadet Sentenced To 3 Years For Selling Drugs

Nathaniel Penalosa, a junior cadet at the Air Force Academy was sentenced for 3 years in military prison for the charge of dealing drugs as a part of the plea deal. The cadet admitted that he sold MDMA, LSD, Modafinil, that he ordered from dark net marketplaces to his classmates. “I purchased it on the Internet, had it mailed to ... Read More »

Come For the Drugs. Stay For the Freedom

Political activists come to the Dark Web to be free from government’s prying eyes. They, folks like Snowden and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, want to undue the control of a government that has gotten so out of the control that it spies on its own citizens (as well as all the citizens they’ve contacted, and the ones they’ve contacted) and sends ... Read More »

Canberra Teen Jailed For 4 Years For Importing Drugs From The Dark Net

A Canberra teen (whose name can’t be published due to legal reasons) has been jailed for importing drugs from dark net markets and selling them to local high school students and peers. According to law enforcement authorities, the teen has sold cannabis, LSD, MDMA and cocaine worth tens of thousands of dollars for about a year. When the police raided ... Read More »

Silk Road Vendor Sentenced To 2 Year Prison

Sheldon Kennedy (25) from Lincoln, Nebraska, has been sentenced for 2 years of prison, which is followed by 3 years of supervised release for conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances, including cocaine and many other illegal substances. Kennedy sold drugs, counterfeit money and lethal weapons online on the infamous former Silk Road Marketplace. According to Kennedy’s plea, he sold the ... Read More »

Pharma Agent Buying Drugs From Darknet Markets For Testing

Tim Ramsey, a 59 years old ex-policeman is hired by pharmaceutical companies to buy prescription drugs from DNMs (darknet markets) for test purposes. He is mostly looking for pharmaceutical drugs that are either fake or made in untested labs and sold as counterfeit pills or tabs. “People are being driven by desperation to buy drugs on the darknet,’’ stated Ramsey, ... Read More »

UN To Call On Governments All Around The World To Stop War On Drugs

According to businessman Richard Branson, the United Nations are planning to call on governments of all nations around the world to decriminalize the use and the possession of all kinds of illegal drugs. Branson has made an extraordinary post on his Virgin website stating that he had shown an official report by the UNODC (UN Office on Drugs and Crime). ... Read More »

The War On Drugs – The Cyber Chapter

Those four words ‘The War On Drugs’ contain so much nonsense its surprising they don’t explode in confusion of clowns and balloons. Drugs have been tied to man’s ascent so intimately that we may as well have a ‘War On Thumbs’ or a ‘War On Large Brains’; indeed the highest order of intellectual development in western and eastern civilization was ... Read More »

Israel To Shut Down Its “Anti Drugs Authority” & Fire Everyone

In a surprising turn of event and after 27 years of operation – The Israeli government has decided to shut down its “Anti Drugs Authority” (The somewhat parallel of USA’s NIDA and of the DEA in some minor aspects) – Its leading organization for the “war against drugs ” and fire everyone who worked there according to the Israeli “Cannabis ... Read More »

College Dropouts Caught On Selling Drugs From Darknet In India

If you follow darkweb news daily then I’m sure you have already came across several articles about people (mostly young) getting caught for possessing drugs that they have ordered from the darknet. Most of these people are from the United States, Canada or from the United Kingdom. However, in this case, the people who were arrested are from India. Three ... Read More »

NZ: 20-Year old Sentenced to 7 Years For “DarkWeb” Drugs Import

As it was published in stuff.co.nz (Note: this sentence is unclear: “via the Silk Road site, which were then sent to New Zealand between November 2014 and January 2015” –  Silk Road 2 was shut down at Nov-6th, 2014 so the probably mean one of the other Silk Road like sites): A 20-year old Dunedin student who imported a “supermarket ... Read More »