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Mozilla Quietly Adds Features From Tor Browser to Firefox

In 2017, the developers at Mozilla have quietly added several features to Firefox that originated from the Tor Project’s Tor Browser. The new features come from the Tor Uplift project, which helps Mozilla integrate patches to Firefox that are used in the Tor Browser. The Tor Uplift project patches to Firefox help increase privacy and security, and the project has ... Read More »

Mozilla implementing Tor privacy features in Firefox builds

In 2014, The Tor Project announced that they would be forming a partnership with Mozilla, the company most known for the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. The two organizations still work in unison, sharing patches, bug fixes, and even high-capacity relays. In recent news, Mozilla fought to have the FBI release information regarding a Tor exploit – one that ... Read More »

Intro: BitLox™ launches with Darknet-specific security features

BitLox Press Release: BitLox Limited is now manufacturing the most advanced and secure hardware Bitcoin wallets ever developed. Encased in titanium and aerospace grade alloys, and with never-before-seen privacy and security features including hidden Bitcoin wallet support, duress PIN, AEM, quad password protection, and more. With the new BitLox™, you can be sure that your Bitcoin transactions are never subjected ... Read More »

Amazon Dark Market To Update Its Features

Amazon Dark released several new updates and announced them on Reddit, the updates posted here to their request To accommodate our growth we have made some additions you may find interesting Improved Interface Big changes to our GUI, make it easier navigate, get to where you need to go, and quickly discern which listings are best for your needs. Stealth ... Read More »

The FreeMarket – New Features Added

The Free Market admins announced on Reddit (join the discussion there) about new features added to the market: The Free Market has now been online for one month. We are now experiencing more vendor sign ups and expecting to see more listings become available to buyers over the next few weeks. Experienced and reputable vendors can still have the registration ... Read More »