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Google to Enable Encrypted DNS Requests in Android

Google has added a new function that it is testing out for the Android mobile Operating System. The new feature encrypts Domain Name Server (DNS) requests using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and is called DNS-over-TLS, similar to how HTTP data is encrypted with TLS when using the HTTPS protocol. Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system ... Read More »

The Art Of Google Hacking

When it comes to Google, everyone feels confident in knowing what we’re talking about. Google is that nice site that allows us to search whatever we want on the web. More technically, it’s a search engine, something that knows our preferences, our tastes and even (sometimes) our secrets. Google is easy, isn’t it? It appears as a blank page with ... Read More »

Google is Preparing Chrome for future wave of quantum attacks

On the 7th, Wired reported that Google pushed a Chrome update to a very small number of users that included a new form of encryption alongside the current elliptic curve factorization. Even though only a small users are going to be able to test out this encryption, it points to a new wave of cybersecurity. Wired calls it “preparations to ... Read More »

Russian Hackers Selling 272 Million Google, Yahoo And Microsoft Email Account Credentials On Dark Web

According to Hold Security, a cybersecurity firm, 272.3 million Google, Yahoo, Mail.ru and Microsoft email account credentials are being sold on a dark web hacking forum by a Russian hacker. This number seems to be huge, however, there is an even larger cache of account details only a few know about, which number goes beyond 1.17 billion records. Hold Security ... Read More »

Google: ISIS Should Be Pushed Back To Dark Web

According to Google, the online ”propaganda machine” of the Islamic State (ISIS) should be pushed back from public view to the dark net. Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, states to ”recapture digital territory” from the terrorist group, they need to make ISIS’ members fear the fact that they may be caught while posting messages on the clearnet. Cohen ... Read More »

Using Google Glass

Google Glass Parody

With the Google Glass projected to launch in 2014, how do you think it will impact your life? With an incredible array of utilities at your disposal, it will not be surprising if this new technology becomes an essential gadget in the future. The functions can potentially be a curse to itself though, watch the parody of how things can ... Read More »