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Man Gets Probation for Ordering 300 Grams of Amphetamine

Not yet a week after his order from a darknet market, a self-proclaimed French business leader landed in police custody for drug possession. Customs and La Poste, the largest mail delivery service in France, intercepted a package of 300 grams of amphetamine. The package seizure allowed for a search of the man’s home, ultimately resulting in yet another drug related ... Read More »

The SEK raided apartments on two locations, arresting six persons.

Young German Arrested For Buying 50 Grams Of Amphetamine From The Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities detained a young man from Deggendorf, Germany for ordering bulk quantities of amphetamine from the dark web. According to the police information, the Deggendorf police arrested a 19-year-old man for using the dark web to order narcotics. The investigators stated that the man allegedly purchased 50 grams of amphetamine, along with small amounts of other drugs. Since ... Read More »

MDMA Buyer Confessed to Ordering 804 Grams

A Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security successfully Investigated and arrested a self-admitted ecstasy buyer. According to the Criminal Complaint, the defendant, Eric Josue Carazo, ordered a total of 804 grams of MDMA from a German darknet vendor. The investigation into the Austin, Texas based man started after a K-9 unit alerted US Customs of a package that ... Read More »

Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Transporting 991 Grams of Cocaine in a Printer

U.S. District Judge Mitchell S. Goldberg, on December 22, convicted a four-time drug trafficker to 204 months in prison. Angel Catalino Ivostraza-Torres, a 53-year-old from North Philidelphia, received one count of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams of cocaine—first-degree distribution. In total, according to court documents, Ivostraza-Torres possessed 991 grams of cocaine. Investigators, based on evidence built against Ivostraza-Torres, ... Read More »

Two Arrested in Romania for Ordering 50 Grams of Amphetamine from the Netherlands

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) arrested two men on November 3 for drug trafficking and international drug trafficking. DIICOT’s Bacau Territorial Service announced the arrest on the official press release site on November 7. DIICOT Investigators believed the two men ordered a package from the Netherlands in late September using the internet. From the press release: ... Read More »

U.S. Man in custody After 750 grams of MDMA is Found with His Name on It

Joshua Lucas, a 26-year-old from Norwalk, Connecticut, is facing serious charges after a package addressed to him was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The package contained over 750 grams of MDMA, the substance commonly known as the street drug ecstasy. Border Protection contacted Norwalk police and alerted them to the situation. A controlled drop of the package was ... Read More »

Happy Birthday To Grams!

Happy birthday to Grams search engine and congratulation to Grams admin for a year filled with innovation and new services such as: Grams Search Engine – Google of the deep web Gramswords: Advertisement search results. InfoDeask: Vendor reviews and ratings. Flow: Clearnet redirects to your favorite tor sites. Helix & Helix light: Bitcoin tumbler. TorAds: A banner advertising network for ... Read More »

Grams Bitball: Darknet Lotto on Tor – For Tor

We are happy to introduce another product by Grams! Previous articles about Grams products: Grams: DarkNetMarkets Search Engine An interview with the Grams Search Engine Admin Grams: Becoming Hub For DarkNet Info & Ads (Part 1) “Gramwords” Launched: Google Adwords Of The DeepWeb! Introducing Gramx Helix: Bitcoins Cleaner Grams Flow: Easy access to Hidden Sites Helix Updates: Integrated Markets Can ... Read More »

Grams Grows with TorAds: First Advertising Network For Tor

We are proud to post a Press Release provided by Grams Admin, about another new innovation from Grams – The Dark Net markets search engine – This time – Torads: TorAds is an advertising network for both advertisers and publishers dedicated for use on hidden services behind Tor. Every TorAds user can be an advertiser and a publisher, allowing you ... Read More »

Introducing Grams Helix: Bitcoins Cleaner

Helix is the definitive darknet bitcoin cleaner. Grams’ helix doesn’t just clean your bitcoins it gives you brand new ones which have never been to the darknet before. The helix system is more than a bitcoin tumbler, it is privacy and security wrapped in one. How is it different? The Helix process uses a new proprietary technology which has never ... Read More »

Grams Flow: Easy access to Hidden Sites

Another nice tool from Grams! (Can be accessed here: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion.top/flow  &  http://gramsflow.com) Grams flow allows you to easily get to hidden sites with out having to remember the long and random .onion.top address.  Sites Flow uses keywords or “flow-words” to redirect you from a simple clearnet address to some of your favorite and most used onion sites. It is very ... Read More »

“Gramwords” Launched: Google Adwords Of The DeepWeb!

Following our previous post about the new features in Grams Search Engine –  We are happy to release the second part of the announcement, this one is about the vendor side of “Grams Stage 2” and includes an overview of the much anticipated Gramwords advertising system,  the first system ever to offer an Adwords-like functionality for Deep Web Marketplace listings, ... Read More »

Grams: Becoming Hub For DarkNet Info & Ads (Part 1)

Following our previous report about Grams search engine new features – We are happy to release the “2 parts” announcement about their new features, the first part here is directed at the users using the infodesk system and the second part will be for vendors & The “gramwords” (Advertising system for promoting listing on grams search results working in a ... Read More »

A Sneak Peek To Grams Search Engine “Stage 2: Infodesk”

Here is a sneak peak to the development process of “InfoDesk” – 1 out of the 4 new features grams search engine will be adding in about 2 weeks in a huge update that will be called “Stage 2”.  The infoDesk will include a vendor directory and many types of information about them from the various marketplaces, info that will ... Read More »