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Cyber-security: A Rising Threat in the Middle East

According to the Middle Eastern Global Economic Crime Survey Report (2016), cybercrime is one of the highest economic crimes reported in the Middle East, affecting 30% of organisations in 2016. This surge in cybercrime is ultimately the result of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) pursuing unique structural reform initiatives, aimed at reducing reliance on ... Read More »

Man In The Middle Attacks

In this article I’m going to explain theory, prevention, some practical attacks and forensics related to the Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks to help you understand the risk to your privacy. Those are attacks used to eavesdrop your communication by having access to at least one part of the communication protocol. Example, Alice sends a letter to Bob and ... Read More »

Tutorial: How To Buy From Middle Earth Marketplace?

As said before, nobody cares what you’re buying. If anyone asks where you got that new product all you need to say is “I have a connect”. Make sure to read this guide in whole before proceeding. It’s important you understand each and every step in order to have as safe an experience as possible. If you’re reading this with ... Read More »

Middle Earth Downtime Update: MAJOR Attack Happening

Middle Earth market admin updates regarding the Recent Downtime: —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Hello everyone. There is a MAJOR attack happening on the Tor network. Middle-Earth IS alive and well. We have temporarily disabled the site as a security measure until all the facts are known about this severe attack on the Tor network. All your BTC is ... Read More »

Interview With Middle Earth Marketplace Admin (Post Onymous)

After the recent Operation Onymous and the take down of many markets, we were wondering how the remaining markets are doing, and what are their plans for the future, luckily we had a chance to conduct an interview with the admin of one of the newer markets – Middle Earth marketplace and get some comments: Market listing and url:  Middle ... Read More »