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Oregon Fentanyl Dark Net Market Vendor Pleads Guilty

Brandon Corde Hubbard (41), an Oregon man, pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances resulting in serious bodily injury and death, distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death and money laundering. The fentanyl that Hubbard was selling caused two overdose deaths in Grand Forks. Hubbard signed the plea agreement on Dec 21, 2015, where he ... Read More »

NORML: No Problem To Receive Donations From Dark Net Market Vendors

Recently, Canna-Juice, a dark net market vendor selling liquids to cannabis vaporizers, announced on Reddit that he is going to send a portion of his income to NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws), a marijuana legalization nonprofit. Surprisingly, the non-profit company seems pretty happy about the drug dealer’s efforts. The original Reddit post of Canna-Juice goes by: “Beginning yesterday ... Read More »

Research: Drugs Bought On The Dark Net Are Better In Quality

According to a study by the Lisbon-based European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, the drugs that are bought on the dark web could reduce harm for users since of the higher quality of the substances. The report also says that significantly less criminal activity is involved with online drug sales than with street deals. The monitoring centre examined ... Read More »

Report Says: Dark Net Marketplaces To Imitate Organized Crime

Dark Web Markets are getting more similar to traditional organized crime features, the latest reports from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) says. According to the institute, drug dealers based in Australia are the most common users of the “system per capita” than any other nationalities. The NDARC’s Drugs Trend Project, which has been monitoring dark net markets ... Read More »

Irish Dark Net Market Vendor Couple Pleaded Guilty

Neil Mannion (34) and Richard O’Connor (34), from Dublin, pleaded guilty for dark net related drug charges. The pair has been selling drugs on Agora and Silkroad and were in possession of €143,000 worth of drugs at a garda raid in south Dublin in October 2014. Both men pleaded guilty to possession of LSD, amphetamine and cannabis resin with the ... Read More »

Montgomery Man Sentenced To Prison For Selling Weapons On Dark Net

Michael Albert Focia (48) of Montgomery, Alabama was sentenced for 51 months of jail time for dealing with firearms without a license and two counts of selling guns to customers who were outside the State of Alabama, according to George L. Beck, Jr., United States Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. We have already written an article about Focia. ... Read More »

Dunedin Students Arrested For Importing Drugs From Dark Net

Two Otago University students (aged 23) have been arrested for importing drugs from dark net markets and selling them on the streets. The police raid was a part of a joint action called Operation Albany, which was conducted at two properties located in the university area of Dunedin on November 16. The two drug-dealing students were granted name suppression by ... Read More »

Tor To Improve Security Of Dark Net Websites

The recent news about the CMU helping the FBI made the Tor Project to realize, they need to improve the security of the domains on the dark web, As it was reported by Jospeh Cox on motheboard.vice  They have patched the vulnerability points the attackers took advantage of, however, according to them, there are still improvements to make. Tor is ... Read More »

Interview With a Dark Net Market Developer

Couple of days ago, an unusual thread was posted on the Bitcointalk forum by a developer offering Darknet Market source code for sale, while this is something that we encountered before, it is not very common. We took the chance to do a short interview with the seller to learn more about his background, offer and intentions. Who are you?  ... Read More »

Meadow Vista Dark Net Vendor Sentenced To Nine Years In Federal Court

Matthew Luke Gillum (32), a man from Meadow Vista, California, has been sentenced for nine years of federal jail. The charges for the sentence was conspiration to distribute marijuana and subverting a reporting requirement in connection with a currency transaction. On 6, February, the man pleaded guilty for the two charges. According to court documents, Gillum was the leader of ... Read More »

The UK Creates New Dark Net Task Force

With the fear of the dark web expanding, the United Kingdom’s main intelligence agency, the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) and the country’s top law enforcement apparatus, the National Crime Agency (NCA), have formed a brand new task force to battle dark net criminals. An NCA press release that has been published on Friday goes by: “An NCA and GCHQ co-located ... Read More »

Canberra Teen Jailed For 4 Years For Importing Drugs From The Dark Net

A Canberra teen (whose name can’t be published due to legal reasons) has been jailed for importing drugs from dark net markets and selling them to local high school students and peers. According to law enforcement authorities, the teen has sold cannabis, LSD, MDMA and cocaine worth tens of thousands of dollars for about a year. When the police raided ... Read More »

Man Jailed For 30 Months For Exchanging CP On Dark Net Sites

Joel Morter (25) has been jailed for using dark web CP (child porn) websites for exchanging under-aged sex media and for making under-aged girls strip off naked in front of a webcam. When police have raided Morter’s house they found him at his computer reading child abuse stories online. Law enforcement authorities have found 919 child porn related content, including ... Read More »

Gwern: Archives of ALL Dark Net Market Released

Another important contribution from Gwern, and this time the full archives of all Dark Net Markets – From 2011 until 2015. Links to the archives are available at: Torrent IA page Writeup on Gwern.net Please consider donating to Gwern at this address: [crayon-5a819ebc26aca130668867/] From the writeup: Dark Net Markets (DNM) are online markets typically hosted as Tor hidden services providing ... Read More »

Reflections on the Global Drug Survey view on Dark Net Markets

The recent release of the Global Drugs Survey, which it is claimed “was the biggest survey of current drug use ever conducted”, covered all aspects of the drug world, whether your poison is a pint, a pack of smokes, or something more nefarious. In addition, the report has highlighted issues as far as shopping on dark net markets versus shopping ... Read More »