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Cypherpunk and Dark Net Marketplaces

‘Only the most skilled,’ Julian Assange tells us, might escape. Escape from what? For Assange our democratic societies are constantly threatened by the deep state. This names the unchanging shadow state of democratic institutions which takes its most insidious form in the mass surveillance apparatus. He believes strongly democracy, but he thinks we need to be armed to defend it. ... Read More »

World Drug Report 2014: Drug Deals Multiply on the Dark Net

Some more bullshit information  – on the good side, DarknetMarkets are booming as we know: Published in IPS: UNITED NATIONS, Jul 3 2014 (IPS) – In its two years of operation, the online marketplace Silk Road raked in 1.2 billion dollars in revenue and amassed an estimated 200,000 registered users – a success story that would be any start-up’s dream. ... Read More »

How The DeepWeb Helped and Hindered Net Neutrality and Online Privacy

The internet is a hotbed of controversy as of late. I first started taking notice during the SOPA crisis of 2012 which focused on shutting down websites that could take money away from big corporations (gosh wouldn’t that be just horrible). This issue has bubbled up to the surface again with legislation involving Net Neutrality, which is aimed at opening ... Read More »

Interview: Dark Net Money Launderer Speaks Up

We have no idea what caused the massive surge in the amount of vendors / market admins asking to be interviewed in the past couple of weeks (probably over 20+), but we are more than happy to conduct them as much as our time lets us! This time we had an interesting chat with a vendor we know for quite ... Read More »

Don of the Dark Net: DPR’s Attempted Contract Murder of 6 People

Even more information has come to light about Ross Ulbricht’s dirty dealings, while running Silk Road.  Already known was one contract-hit attempt against ‘The Employee’ Curtis Green; however, investigators have uncovered evidence suggesting that Dread Pirate Roberts had attempted to kill 5 others in order to tie off loose ends and silence a blackmailer. According to Andy Greenberg of Forbes, ... Read More »