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NY Firefighter Arrested For Buying Fentanyl on the Dark Web

America’s fight with the new killer in the drug overdose epidemic, fentanyl is really getting out of hand. Many synthetic opioids have had their glory days in the streets of America but the new drug in the system, fentanyl, is something else and people just can’t wrap their heads around the reason for its sale explosion. Deaths from synthetic drug ... Read More »

NY Man Sentenced to Probation for MDMA Conspiracy

A US District Judge in New York sentenced 22-year-old, Joel C. Jacob, to 36 months on probation for ordering more than 180 grams of MDMA in 2016. In collaboration with his housemate, Jacob had ordered the drugs online and used Bitcoin as the payment source. The East Meadow man had not prepared his Campus Drive apartment for the USPIS controlled ... Read More »

N.Y. State Police Awarded For Bitcoin Bust

In New York the State Police were formally recognized for tracing bank deposits back to online drug markets. The State Police Suspicious Activity Review Team, and the New York State Police Financial Crimes Unit were presented with an award at an event at the US Department of the Treasury in Washington, DC. “Without the valuable information that US financial institutions ... Read More »

N.Y Times: Study Suggests Link Between Dread Pirate Roberts and Satoshi Nakamoto

From the Article: Two Israeli computer scientists say they may have uncovered a puzzling financial link between Ross William Ulbricht, the recently arrested operator of the Internet black market known as the Silk Road, and the secretive inventor of bitcoin, the anonymous online currency, used to make Silk Road purchases. Dorit Ron, a computer scientist at the Weizmann Institute, and ... Read More »