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Some countries are opening doors to adopt cryptocurrencies in a larger scale

Different countries around the world are facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies for monetary operations. Estonia Estonia, known already for being a technologically leading country, deeply analyzed and proposed, is set to issue a new legal cryptocurrency, named Estocoin, that would be recognized as a legal currency. Kaspar Korjus, Managing Director at e-Residency, posted in a Blog that the country would ... Read More »

Why Meal-Replacement Drink Company Soylent​ is Opening a Dark Web Store

Venture capital-backed meal replacement drink manufacturer Soylent officially launched a dark web store called Soy Route as a part of its collaborative marketing project with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. Similar to alternative dark web marketplaces and stores, Soy Route is a .onion.top website which can only be accessed through the anonymous browser Tor. On the Soy Route dark web store, consumers ... Read More »

Secrets to Unmasking Bitcoin Scams – 4 Eye Opening Case Studies

Guest post by Ofir Beigel is the owner of 99Bitcoins – Bitcoin offers great opportunities for people to exchange money online instantly and anonymously. However, many sites take advantage of Bitcoin’s pseudo anonymous nature and use it in order to scam people out of their coins. I’m sure this is not something you didn’t already know. But here’s the kicker: ... Read More »