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On the Topic of the DoJ’s Operation Pacifier Acquittal

The Department of Justice’s decision to drop all charges against an Operation Pacifier suspect raised questions across the country—and world for that matter. Many mainstream media outlets found it abhorrent that a would-be sex offender walked free, simply because the FBI classified “some source code.” In the meantime, they neglected the good: that even in a case where guilt was ... Read More »

Another Operation Pacifier Suspect Pleaded Guilty Again After Withdrawing the First Plea

Years ago, the FBI began investigating darknet child pornography viewers, sharers, and a whole dragnet of unrelated individuals. The legality of the case and more importantly the validity of the evidence the FBI obtained faced scrutiny from both sides of the law. Federal judges ruled both for and against the use of the illegal Network Investigative (NIT) on the defendants ... Read More »

FBI’s Operation Pacifier Hit 50 Computers In Austria

Being one of the FBI’s biggest and most notorious cyber actions, Operation Pacifier resulted in the Bureau taking over the PlayPen child porn site in 2015 and hacking thousands of computers throughout the world, most of them located in the US. Now, the Austrian government has learned that around 50 computers were hacked by the federal agency in Austria. Austrian ... Read More »