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Bitcoin Price Analysis – 28th October

Bitcoin moved up higher this week, from a low at $ 262, to a high of $ 295. Here is this week’s 6H chart In last week’s analysis, I was expecting a correction to much lower levels than we found this week, before moving on up towards $300. $ 262 was the lowest support, from which the market bounced up ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 22nd October

This week bitcoin went up 10%, trending up from $250 to a week high of $ 275. The market exhibited intent this week, moving up strongly on the back of equally convincing volumes. Looking at this chart from last week’s analysis, the market had to overcome resistance at $250 (4) before moving up higher towards 100 EMA target at $276 ... Read More »

Liquid Sidechains and the Price of Bitcoin

Blockstream, a bitcoin startup with a team comprising of renowned architects of Bitcoin, cryptographers, and cypherpunk heavyweights, announced a product code named Liquid, set for release in Q1 2016. Liquid, a commercial sidechain, builds upon proposals set out in the original sidechains white paper. “Liquid offers instant transactions, providing a fast settlement layer for bitcoin exchanges, brokerages and other industry ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis 14th October

BITCOIN MARKETS THIS WEEK This week the price of bitcoin mostly trended sideways, after breaking resistance at $241 and heading up to a peak at $249. What followed was a consolidation, a counter reaction to the preceding sharp rise. A slow grind downtrend followed and found a bottom just above $242, reaffirming this level as strong support. The tweezer bottom, ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis 6th October 2015

This week, Bitcoin markets settled at a bottom, $ 235.11 and has been trending up since to current high (as of writing this) at $243. The most recent leg up was a $ 6 move up following consecutive green candles attempting to break past resistance at $ 240. This upper resistance level, was last reached on September 9th, after breaking ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis 30 September 2015

This week, bitcoin’s price broke out strongly to the upside, a scenario expected in last week’s analysis. $224 was the final bottom, a firm base for a thrust up to $233 from the downtrend channel preceding this low. Breaking out of the downtrend was ultimately to be followed by a short run up in price, seen here as another trend ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price analysis 23rd September

This week, bitcoin traded mostly in a sideways trend, with limited upside and downside breaks. $236 and $224 were the highest and lowest respectively; defining the range for this week’s price movement. $227 was a bottom for a $10 run up on Wednesday and Thursday, before retesting lows at $224 and moving up $10. It is now on a consolidation ... Read More »

Bitcoin Medium Term Price Outlook

The long term price of bitcoin always stirs up a response from bitcoin speculators. In the past 5 years, the price has fluctuated wildly, up + 17,500% as of January 2014. In hindsight, it is an obvious a pattern – goes up a while, then down, then back up. However, the past 22 months of a bear market, with several ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 16 sept 2015

BITCOIN PRICE THIS WEEK This week, bitcoin’s price gradually declined to a low of $ 227, from last week’s $ 240. It has been a slow grind down from the past 4 week high, $ 247. Trading is now ranging within the rectangle, on a sideways trend that almost always precedes a break out. Up or down? “If bulls can’t ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 10th September

THIS WEEK ON BITCOIN This was price action observed this week, from last week’s price analysis (highlighted). A predominant sideways,, range bound action featured last week, but was bound to break out at some point. On 5 September, market broke out upwards from a $233 – $225 trading range. The first signal of an upper break out was naturally followed ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis September 2nd

This was price action this week – an uninspiring sideways trend with a bit of bullish intent that failed at $239. The rest of it was Meh. Since turning from bottom at $196.6, volume is visibly thin after a V-channel retracement going up till $230. The dragon-fly doji pattern at $296 vindicates the move that followed, but looks suspect after ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 27th August

After last week’s flash crash on Bitfinex, that dragged the market down to low 200s – $220 on most exchanges vs $162 on BFX, the market retraced up this week to a max high of $236. That was about it in terms of buying interest as the prices traded within a sideways 10 dollar range – upper ceiling of $236 ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 19th August

Bitcoin Market Fundamentals FinCEN, new ruling on commodity backed digital assets This week, Coindesk reported FinCen’s response to an anonymous company inquiry, ruled that asset backed virtual currency tokens were not exempted from money transmitter laws subject to some preconditions. For instance companies working with tokens and coloured coins that allow customers and 3rd parties to exchange certificate of deposits ... Read More »

Ether Price Plummets – What Happened?

Over the August 8 weekend, Ether (ETH), the native token of decentralized platform Ethereum began trading on exchanges after the launch of its first live release, ‘Ethereum frontier’. The release came out with set conditions, measures put in place by devs. As soon as trading went live on some exchanges, led by kraken over miscommunication, ‘ether dumping’ set off a ... Read More »

​Bitcoin Price Analysis 12th August

BBVA Bank of Spain on mainstreaming Bitcoin BBVA bank, Spain’s second largest bank, this week released a video tutorial on how to send and receive payments via bitcoin! The video, walks users through the process of opening a wallet, backing it up, purchasing and sending bitcoins. It also simultaneously released a report on blockchain technology title Blockchain technology poised to ... Read More »