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Research PSA: DNM Vendors Survey

Posted at the request of Prof. David Décary-Hétu’s (profile here) and Marie Ouellet’s (profile here), Both have the full confidence and endorsment of DDW who has been following their work for the past few years: Are you selling drugs online? Do you have a few minutes to help us improve our understanding of the harm reduction capacity of cryptomarkets? If ... Read More »

Research PSA: DNM Vendors, Have Your Say!

A request for participants in a research consudcted by a team of researchers with vast experience in the DNM scenes, posted at their request and published here, they have the full confidence and endorsment of DDW who has been following their work for the past few years: —- Do you sell drugs online? Are you interested in sharing your views ... Read More »

PSA: DNMAvengers Announcement – 75 Free Lab-tests!

Posted to the request of the DNMAvenfers admin: Hello! So for those of you whom don’t know, DNMAvengers is an forum that hasoperated since 2015 doing harm reductional work via testing vendors products. The forum has been defunct (In the sense that no codes have been given out) for some time now, but that is finally changing and we have ... Read More »

PSA: DNM Avengers Forum Is Back

The Darknet Market Avengers, properly known and referred to as the DNM Avengers, started ages ago as a service to promote harm reduction in drug usage related to the darknet markets. Both the Avengers forum and subreddit have been shut down for some time. Over time dramatic changes have been made, and as a result, the forum is back up ... Read More »

PSA: Cloudflare Now allows you To Whitelist ALL Tor’s Exit Nodes

As well as many other site owners who use Cloudflare as their CDN and DDoS protection provider, we always suffered from the famous & annoying issue which we could never resolve – the fact that our visitors who use Tor were sometimes being forced to solve annoying captchas to access our site (or just use our onion address to avoid ... Read More »

PSA: The DNMAvengers Harm Reduction and Drug Testing Forum

Provided by the forum admins: For those of you who don’t know it, The DNMAvengers started as a subreddit but moved over to an .onion.market forum recently. We are a forum dedicated to harm reduction and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets. We run on community donations and aim to democratize drug testing by allowing users to ... Read More »

Scam Prevention and Finalizing Early

Scamming has, and always will be, a huge issue for any Dark Net Market user. How do you know you’re going to receive the product that’s described in a listing? There are many trains of thought on this issue and many people have vocalized the simple solution “Don’t Finalize Early! Don’t give them money until you get your product!” which ... Read More »

PSA: Agora Deposits & Withdrawals Not Working

Update: The issue is confirmed as resolved – payments are working fine! As of earlier today we have received multiple reports that Deposits & Withdrawals are not working  on Agora marketplace, we were able to confirm these reports. As we have seen many times before with Payment issues on Agora, they will most likely be sorted later rather than sooner, ... Read More »

PSA: Implemented HTTPS, TLS & HSTS

Better late than never, but we are happy to announce that DeepDotWeb.com is now fully encrypted. From now on, all site requests will be handled trough HTTPS and using TLS & HSTS to prevent any attempt for altering site content using MiTM attacks (common with malicious Tor exit nodes) Reminder – For better security please access the site using our ... Read More »

PSA: DeepDotWeb’s New Onion Gateway!

Update: New onion URL You asked and we listened. So good news to our readers out there –  from now on you can browse DeepDotWeb 100% anonymously using our new Onion gateway: http://rtz6kznga4anujwu.onion.market Site is fully functional on the onion version with disabled scripts  (Only 3 negligible features won’t work – leaving stars rating when writing market reviews, the homepage ... Read More »

PSA: 5 Reddit Accounts Subpoenaed by ICE

Important PSA to all Reddit users: by Gwern (Original thread): /r/DarkNetMarkets has received its first known LE subpoena: a request for 5 accounts’ data, including mine, related to Evolution and the supposed doxing/leaks. Recently (2015-03-25), I was alerted by Reddit that there had been a subpoena for my Reddit account information and they would be responding by 2015-03-30; this followed ... Read More »

Urgent PSA: Stop Doxxing Yourself!!

With the recent massive influx of traffic on this site, since Evo went down and even more since Agora is down, there is also a massive influx of people doing all they can to doxx themselves (post their own personal details) along with incriminating information like: What they ordered From which vendor From what market Their name Their address Their ... Read More »

PSA: What You Should Look For In A Lawyer?

Posted originally on Reddit by /u/NCLawyer,  who is a USA based licensed attorney & is often taking his time to provides useful advice for the /r/darketnetmarkets community, join the discussion on the original post: Given all the uncertainty and anxiety about the markets, I thought it might be helpful to post a guide with my thoughts on how to find ... Read More »