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15 Year Old School Boy Arrested For Darknet Drug Trafficking

The UK is the center of the world leading Darknet drug purchases among teens. A 15-year-old schoolboy has been arrested by authorities for buying illicit drugs from the Darknet. According to reports, the teen was able to purchase the drug from the Darknet after he and some friends contributed money to raise an amount enough to buy acid from the ... Read More »

Australian Authorities: Rise In Organized Crime Is Due To The Increased Popularity Of Cryptocurrencies

Australia’s financial sector has experienced a major increase in organized crime. The country’s criminal intelligence agency reported that this rise is due to the growth of online banking systems and increased popularity of cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) published a report, in which the agency stated that the expected damage of the money laundering and further financial ... Read More »

Demand For Ethical Hackers Rise as Corporations Look to Combat Dark Web Criminals

Hackers are categorized into black, grey and white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are individuals or groups which target corporations and organizations with a malicious intent for political or financial gain. Grey hat hackers aim to find exploits in the computer and IT systems of corporations and either publish the findings or request incentive for the exploitation. Lastly, white hat ... Read More »

Investment on Security Firms Rise as Dark Web and Bitcoin Ransomware Cases Increase

Early-stage and state-led investments on cybersecurity firms are increasing exponentially. According to reports from the Big Four accounting firms which include EY, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG, the surge in cybersecurity investments is a direct result of rising cases of ransomware attacks, phishing scams and data thefts. Ransomware attacks and phishing scams are correlated in a sense that they both are ... Read More »

Austrian Report: Money Laundering Is On The Rise

A recent report conducted by Austrian officials showed that the suspicious cases indicating money laundering had seen an increase last year. According to the latest report by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK), 2,150 suspicious cases (banks reported 2,002 cases) occurred in Austria in 2016. Compared to the year of 2015, where the number of such instances was 1,793, is ... Read More »

Illegal Gun Trade on the Rise, Darknet Takes the Heat

Melbourne has seen a rise in the illegal gun trade, and it’s being blamed on the Darknet. Illegal gun dealers have been setting up ads on the classifieds site, Craigslist advertising the sale of weapons; notably firearms. Once contacted, the seller often instructs the would-be buyer to contact them through the messaging app Wickr. Law enforcement have uncovered countless ads ... Read More »

The Rise in “Ransom”-ware

Ransom-ware is loosely defined as malware that attacks the victim’s machine and prevents them from using their system until they pay a ransom using Bitcoin, an anonymous crypto-currency. Hackers seem to target systems that have some sort of time sensitive significance to them, like university researchers Dropbox files, hospital databases, and school district networks. In the case of some hacked ... Read More »

The Unfortunate Rise of America’s Recreational Xanax Addiction

What is Xanax? Xanax is a brand name version of the powerful benzodiazepine Alprazolam. This medicine is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, this medicine has incredibly powerful addictive properties, and can only be prescribed temporarily because its effectiveness diminishes the longer a patient takes it. This medicine is so addictive that some patients need to undergo supervised ... Read More »

Rise and Fall of my Counterfeiting Experience

Names and details have been slightly altered to conceal my true identity from anyone who could recognize it, but this is the time of when I got involved with counterfeit bills and escaped with barely my freedom. I’ve been browsing the deep web since the days of the original Silk Road. Back then, that’s all I did. I was just ... Read More »

The Dark Web Is On The Rise In South Africa

According to current metrics published by Tor, the daily dark web users in South Africa has increased to 8000 users per day. This involves activities such as purchasing drugs from darknet markets, visiting child porn sites, carding forums, and so on. In order to prevent the increase of dark web users and to track down those who use this side ... Read More »

Bitcoin Sites Blocked by Russia in Avoidance of Shadow Economy Rise

The recent ban of bitcoin-related sites from Russia has raised great distress in the country. The court decision has been based on the contribution of bitcoin to shadow economy, even though there has been no direct warning of the legislation becoming effective. The crisis of Russia’s currency, the ruble, is most likely linked to the decision. Roskomnadzor is the Federal ... Read More »

The Rise of Darkcoin

Edit: Due to some error on the site i reposted this article again, losing all its social stats. sorry. The appeal of Darkcoin (DRK) to users of darknet or deepweb marketplaces is fairly obvious. It’s a currency designed with strict anonymity in mind and it may finally be the first alternative cryptocurrency to have cracked how to accomplish that. For ... Read More »