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Anonymous Postal & Delivery Services – Could it work?

With Darknet Market use growing, there is an increasing amount of deliveries being seized. Is there potential for an anonymous postal service in which orders get delivered under the radar, or is it just not possible? The deep web is often used as a means of anonymously ordering goods – normally anything other than what you’d call legal. With this ... Read More »

Flaws in Postal Services Are Allowing Opioids into Florida

Anthony Gomes, with his partner Elizabeth Ton, was apprehended by law enforcement some weeks back for distributing large quantities of deadly drugs which they bought from China via the web. The good part of this illicit act was that they got to live a very luxurious lifestyle, owning expensive items including a private plane and others but then, the other ... Read More »

Using Bitcoin Transaction Analysis In Deanonymizing Users of Tor Hidden Services

Anonymity over the world wide web has never been a more critical issue. To achieve bulletproof anonymity, multiple solutions are being currently implemented by internet users all over the world. The most popular of which is the Tor network that represents the busiest anonymous communication network on the internet serving millions of users every day. Tor also enables webmasters to ... Read More »

Tor Update Supports v3 Onion Services

  The second latest alpha build of Tor, Tor, enabled the more secure “next-generation hidden services protocol” (aka v3 onion services). Tor Project President Roger Dingledine said that next generation hidden (onion) services fix security and design flaws found in the original or legacy hidden services. He explained that mistakes he had made in the 2004 onion service protocol ... Read More »

Credit Agency Uses Darknet to Scare Customers into Buying Services

One of the world’s biggest consumer credit reporting agencies is trying to use consumers fear of the darknet to try and sell an identity theft protection product. Experian, known as one of the “big three” consumer credit reporting agencies alongside TransUnion and Equifax, is pushing its IdentityWorks Premium program as a way to protect consumers identity from nefarious users who ... Read More »

Suspect linked to Bomb Threats offered Services on Dark Web

Reports coming from the U.S authorities have revealed that an American-Israeli teenager charged with making bomb threats to Jewish community centers as well as schools over the United States advertised his services on an online darknet marketplace which is no more and may even have had a customer. He was accused of a swell of bomb threats against over dozens ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Tor Hidden Services

Tor is one of the most popular darknets, which is known for its high levels of anonymity. Even though Tor’s protocol and its relay security have been thoroughly studied, there is currently no detailed analysis of the framework and privacy of hidden web services on this widely used darknet. To address this, a group of researchers formulated a specialized analysis ... Read More »

Turkish Government Permanently Bans Tor and VPN Services

In an effort to prevent people from circumventing internet censorship, the Turkish government blocked access to Tor. According to TurkeyBlocks, the government imposed an immediate 12-hour ban on Tor, VPNs, and social media. The social media and messaging services made their way back online after the 12-hour mark, but the Tor ban remains blocked. TurkeyBlocks monitors internet censorship in real ... Read More »

Korea’s Fourth Largest Bank Tests Blockchain With Coinplug; Eyes Commercial Services

Coinplug, a bitcoin wallet service provider and infrastructure developer funded by billionaire investor Tim Draper in 2014, has partnered with South Korea’s fourth largest bank KB Kookmin to test its blockchain infrastructure’s cross-border payment efficiency. In December 2015, KB Kookmin and Coinplug established a memorandum of understanding (MOU), to form an official partnership and relationship in the investigation and implementation ... Read More »

Paypal Accounts and Carding are Most Popular Fraud Services on the Deepweb

Of the hacking related services on darknet marketplaces, a recent study shows that both PayPal and credit card fraud are the most common forms available. The study, conducted by three individuals from Arizona State University, crawled 17 different darknet markets for search terms related to computer fraud in order to create a list of services and items offered. The process ... Read More »

Developers from Europe and the USA will arrive to Kiev to discuss blockchain fintech services

In September, Bitcoin enthusiasts and blockchain service developers will arrive to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016. The annual conference promises to be the most large-scale in CIS countries. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will focus on implementing projects and startups that solve real users’ issues.  Participants will be divided into three groups: experts, developers and those who are less familiar ... Read More »

How Hidden Services DDoSing Works?

Anyone who’s been around the DNMs these past few years will know the frustration of the constant ups and downs experienced for various reasons. Some have closed due to LEA intervention, exit scamming and even other less dramatic reasons. We know that LEA intervention will always be a part of the markets and well so will exit scamming as long ... Read More »

How We Talk to Hidden Services?

It’s true that networking protocols and technologies have changed drastically through the years; from Arpanet, Hubs, BBS and even serial cable WAN connections spanning states and even countries. It is also true that the popular and standard communication protocols have changed quite a bit as well: ATM, Frame Relay, X.25 and eventually TCP/IP. All of these changes have been the ... Read More »