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Leakbase Shutdown Might be Connected to Hansa Bust

The Dutch National Police’s infiltration and takedown of the Hansa marketplace may be linked to the recent shutdown of Leakbase, a shop that sold usernames and passwords from hundreds of data breaches. Leakebase, in early December, unexpectedly redirected visitors to haveibeenpwned.com. Leakbase users reported connectivity issues several times this year. Hackers, at one point, even leaked the usernames and passwords ... Read More »

Darknet Hacking Forum “Hell” Returns After Shutdown

Hell, the infamous hacking forum on the dark side of the web, returns after it has been shut down for months. Hell was used by cybercriminals to share stolen data, hacking tips, techniques and other information with each other. The forum has been shut down after it was rumored that the admin (who is also the founder of the website), ... Read More »