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Dark Web Guns a threat to Security in 2018 Says Feds

As if illegal drugs from the dark web have not done enough damage to the United States, US Officials now have to be worried about illegal firearms being purchased on the dark web too. Although the case of illegal drugs being sold and bought on the dark web is rampant, it does not leave out the fact that, there is ... Read More »

Cyber Threat Intelligence: Hunting Cyber Criminals

Cyber Security differs from CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence). While the first deals with the technical aspects of protecting informatic systems and web applications, the second regards the intelligence applied to information, taking form in different ways like OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence). The first important thing to understand what “cyber threat intelligence” means, ... Read More »

Australian Cyber Security Centre Reveals Growing Toll of Cyber Crime in Latest Threat Report

Some citizens recently accused the authorities of folding their hands to watch cybercrime increase without any effort to place it under control. In a report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, the monetary loss to online scammers in the country is around $300 million. The latest report from the Australian Cyber ... Read More »

Cyber-security: A Rising Threat in the Middle East

According to the Middle Eastern Global Economic Crime Survey Report (2016), cybercrime is one of the highest economic crimes reported in the Middle East, affecting 30% of organisations in 2016. This surge in cybercrime is ultimately the result of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) pursuing unique structural reform initiatives, aimed at reducing reliance on ... Read More »

Phony Bomb Threat Caller Sold Drugs on the Darknet

In early April, police arrested 19-year-old Michael Kaydar at his home in Ashkelon, Israel. Israel’s Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s’ Court remanded the 19-year-old Israeli-American hacker for the third time in part of a larger investigation. Court advised the man of conducting hundreds of fake bomb threat phone calls to Jewish institutions. The investigation took off once the hacker called Jewish Community ... Read More »

Tor’s Biggest Threat – Correlation Attack

Throughout the years of Tor existence many users lost their anonymity. I’m going to explain a technique called “Correlation Attack” that government agencies used in the past for that purpose. These include exploiting human errors as well as highly sophisticated mathematical methods exploiting software flaws. This attack has been around since Tor widespread usage began and it seems like it ... Read More »

Europol Report: Ransomware Presenting The Biggest Cyber Threat

Europol just released its annual IOCTA (Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment) report. According to the Europol research, the agency sees ransomware as the most prominent threat to the cyber space. “Cryptoware (encrypting ransomware) has become the most prominent malware threat, overshadowing data-stealing malware and banking Trojans,” the report says. “With cryptoware becoming a key threat for citizens and enterprises alike, ... Read More »

Hong Kong Authorities Are Powerless Against Dark Web Malware Threat

According to cybersecurity experts, Hong Kong law enforcement authorities are powerless against illegal dark web activities since they have no legal basis to do so. Speaking about the dark net in general, Duncan Wong, director of security and data sciences at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, said that only 4 percent of the website on the ... Read More »

Android And iOS Crypto Keys Under Threat Of Getting Stolen

According to a new research, digital data, mostly financial, is under threat on Android and iOS phones since the crypto keys used with Bitcoin wallets and Apple Pay can be stolen. A cryptographic (crypto) key is the core part of cryptographic operations used commonly in digital asset transactions where a variable data is provided as input to a cryptographic algorithm ... Read More »

FBI’s Attack On Tor Shows The Threat Of Subpoenas To Security Researchers

Security companies and institutes have a hard time doing their research nowadays. A lawsuit could be filed against them by the “victim” firm or even worse, they could be even criminally indicted if their white-hat hacking violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However, the biggest threat to researchers are subpoenas, which could be filed against them by law enforcement ... Read More »

Interpol Identifies Malware Threat To Virtual Currencies

The Singapore department of Interpol in a cyber threat research have identified a threat to the blockchain in virtual transactions, which could result in their being embedded with malware or other illegal data, including child abuse images. It depends on the type of the virtual currency and its protocols, however, there is a fixed space on the blockchain, which is ... Read More »