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Is The Tor Browser Fully Anonymous? (The Myth and Reality)

Many think that Tor is a fully anonymous and secure means for browsing the internet, that doesn’t give a chance to anyone to monitor one’s browsing behavior and trace it back to his/her physical location, but is this really true? Tor is not perfectly anonymous, as it has a group of risks and limitations, which one should pay attention to, ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Privacy Analysis of Tor Hidden Services

Tor is one of the most popular darknets, which is known for its high levels of anonymity. Even though Tor’s protocol and its relay security have been thoroughly studied, there is currently no detailed analysis of the framework and privacy of hidden web services on this widely used darknet. To address this, a group of researchers formulated a specialized analysis ... Read More »

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Exploratory Data Analysis for Tor Marketplaces – The Drugs’ Case

The world of anonymous marketplaces represents a novel channel for black markets, which offer a wide variety of illegal merchandize. For most marketplaces on the darknet, the overall incidence of sales is still not comparable with the sales incidence of similar physical markets. Nevertheless, given the fact that it reflects an essential trade channel, offering opportunities to new as well ... Read More »

DoJ Drops Child Porn Charges to Keep Tor Exploit Confidential

Last April, the FBI refused to comply with a federal judge when he requested information about the Bureau’s Tor exploit. The FBI used a piece of malware called a Network Investigative Technique or NIT against a massive darknet child pornography website. The malware exposed site viewers to the FBI who subsequently arrested several hundred suspects.. However, the FBI’s struggle to ... Read More »

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Proactive Response and Detection for TOR (PReDTOR) – A Tool for De-anonymizing Tor Traffic

Tor is a free open source software that enables users to browse the internet anonymously. It utilizes a network of proxy servers from all parts of the world, known as nodes, that route internet connections. Tracing internet traffic sent via Tor represents a daunting task, because it operates via means of encrypted protocols such as HTTPS. Accordingly, determining whether data ... Read More »

OpenBazaar Finally Integrates Tor

On January 18th OpenBazaar released their Milestone 1 Developer Release of OpenBazaar 2.0, a new version of the software which is built on the decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The new version of OpenBazaar includes long awaited privacy features, such as support for Tor. On February 14th it was revealed that the code to allow Tor integration with OpenBazaar was ... Read More »

Major Tor & Darknet Major Privacy Update, Gov’t Investigations Struggle

The Tor Project, a non-profit organization established to provide increased privacy and anonymity to billions of internet users, is set to roll out major privacy updates in the upcoming months which will obstruct active government and law enforcement investigations. Over the past few years, government and law enforcement agencies including Interpol and the FBI have conducted various investigations to crack ... Read More »

ProtonMail Adds Tor Support with a New Onion Site and SSL Certificate

In a press release from the Swiss-based, privacy-oriented email provider ProtonMail, the organization acknowledged the growing need for secure communications. But, beyond that, they recognized the increasing need to bypass “state sponsored censorship.” But the announcement served as a much greater purpose than a mere recognition. They announced ProtonMail became Tor-accessible, with its own .onion.top, both to increase user privacy ... Read More »

Turkish Government Permanently Bans Tor and VPN Services

In an effort to prevent people from circumventing internet censorship, the Turkish government blocked access to Tor. According to TurkeyBlocks, the government imposed an immediate 12-hour ban on Tor, VPNs, and social media. The social media and messaging services made their way back online after the 12-hour mark, but the Tor ban remains blocked. TurkeyBlocks monitors internet censorship in real ... Read More »

Famously Anonymous: Tor Social Networks

Humans are social creatures. So it should come as no surprise that there are almost as many social networks on Tor as there are on the clearnet. Of course, it depends on what you consider a “social network,” but there are both Facebook-like networks (where you add friends, join groups, etc.), as well as numerous forums (like The HUB, or ... Read More »

Pluggable Transports for Tor: Dodging Censorship

Are you able to freely use Tor in your country? In that case, you’re one of the fortunate ones . If it’s merely a case where Tor is blocked by your ISP, there are easier solutions. You may already be familiar with Tor bridge relays, which the Tor project describes in detail at Tor: bridges. However, if you live in ... Read More »

Belarussian Government Started Blocking Tor

Last weekend, the Belarussian government started blocking the Tor Browser and it seems their attempt is quite successful. In March 2016, President Aljakszandr Rihoravics Lukasenka issued a decree “On improving the procedure for the transfer of Telecommunications”. One part included a document that contained the ban of the Tor Browser, which is engaged in forwarding traffic. According to Belarussian internet ... Read More »

Cyber Vulnerability Firm Sold the Tor Exploit to an Offensive Customer This Year

On November 29, someone posted on the Tor mailing list that an exploit was “actively used against TorBrowser NOW.” That is where the queued article about this will be linked. Mozilla quickly patched the bug but not without raising consumer concerns. Now, researchers discovered that an exploit company sold the exploit earlier this year to both offensive and defensive parties. ... Read More »

Firefox Zero-Day Can Be Used To Deanonymize Tor Users

Recently, a Firefox zero-day was being used to target Tor users. Experts say the code is nearly identical to what the Federal Bureau of Investigation used in their hack against Tor users in 2013. However, on the same day, the exploit came out, the Tor Project and Mozilla published browser updates that fixed the issues within the software. The Tor ... Read More »