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Turkish Government Permanently Bans Tor and VPN Services

In an effort to prevent people from circumventing internet censorship, the Turkish government blocked access to Tor. According to TurkeyBlocks, the government imposed an immediate 12-hour ban on Tor, VPNs, and social media. The social media and messaging services made their way back online after the 12-hour mark, but the Tor ban remains blocked. TurkeyBlocks monitors internet censorship in real ... Read More »

Famously Anonymous: Tor Social Networks

Humans are social creatures. So it should come as no surprise that there are almost as many social networks on Tor as there are on the clearnet. Of course, it depends on what you consider a “social network,” but there are both Facebook-like networks (where you add friends, join groups, etc.), as well as numerous forums (like The HUB, or ... Read More »

Pluggable Transports for Tor: Dodging Censorship

Are you able to freely use Tor in your country? In that case, you’re one of the fortunate ones . If it’s merely a case where Tor is blocked by your ISP, there are easier solutions. You may already be familiar with Tor bridge relays, which the Tor project describes in detail at Tor: bridges. However, if you live in ... Read More »

Belarussian Government Started Blocking Tor

Last weekend, the Belarussian government started blocking the Tor Browser and it seems their attempt is quite successful. In March 2016, President Aljakszandr Rihoravics Lukasenka issued a decree “On improving the procedure for the transfer of Telecommunications”. One part included a document that contained the ban of the Tor Browser, which is engaged in forwarding traffic. According to Belarussian internet ... Read More »

Cyber Vulnerability Firm Sold the Tor Exploit to an Offensive Customer This Year

On November 29, someone posted on the Tor mailing list that an exploit was “actively used against TorBrowser NOW.” That is where the queued article about this will be linked. Mozilla quickly patched the bug but not without raising consumer concerns. Now, researchers discovered that an exploit company sold the exploit earlier this year to both offensive and defensive parties. ... Read More »

Firefox Zero-Day Can Be Used To Deanonymize Tor Users

Recently, a Firefox zero-day was being used to target Tor users. Experts say the code is nearly identical to what the Federal Bureau of Investigation used in their hack against Tor users in 2013. However, on the same day, the exploit came out, the Tor Project and Mozilla published browser updates that fixed the issues within the software. The Tor ... Read More »

Tor Releases another Snapshot on the Road to Major Onion Router Updates

The Tor Project’s Nick Mathewson announced that on Nov. 8th, another release of an Alpha Development snapshot for Tor 0.2.9, The Onion Router, would be released. Coming three weeks after Alpha, Tor . added a great number of bug fixes and overall improvements for issues that have been reported since its predecessors release by Tor’s development team. This release ... Read More »

Guest Post: VPN Tor vs Proxy Tor

Disclaimer: This is a guest post provided by privatoria.net – VPN service provider. The Internet today is huge. It offers many opportunities but also brings certain dangers. That is why need decent protection when we browse the web. The topic is quite popular and there are many options you can try. You can find much information about VPN, Proxy, TOR ... Read More »

Tor And Mozilla Working Together For More Protection Against Malware

The Tor browser’s primary function is to provide users with high level of protection and anonymity when they browse the internet. Lately, law enforcement authorities were carrying out attacks on individuals instead of the network itself by hacking their computers or the end points. This lead to the authorities learning the users’ IP addresses. Now, Tor Project’s and Mozilla’s team ... Read More »

Tor Users May Soon Be Able To Circumvent Endless CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHAs have effectively protected websites from harmful bots and various types of spam for years. They are an internet commonplace. For Tor users, however, the number of CAPTCHAs presented to the user becomes debilitating. Tor users have routinely voiced complaints about the number of anti-robot puzzles presented to them. CloudFlare, however, has defended their use of CAPTCHAs, stating that 94% ... Read More »

OpenBazaar 2.0 To Run On The Tor Network

In the upcoming version 2.0, OpenBazaar will be able to connect over the Tor network. For the privacy conscious, lack of Tor support is one of the major drawbacks to the OpenBazaar protocol. Brian Hoffman, the CEO of OpenBazaar, enthusiastically confirmed that a OpenBazaar will be running on Tor. A back end developer, Chris Pacia, was the first to successfully ... Read More »

Tor has joined the fight to stop the Upcoming Changes to Rule 41

Tor has joined the fight to stop the U.S. government’s changes to Rule 41. They are urging people to speak up, and fight the changes to Rule 41 which will take effect December 1st if no one does anything to stop it. To date, no one has done anything to fight it. Congress hasn’t even batted an eye towards the changes. The changes ... Read More »

Researchers Prepare for a New Generation of Cyberattacks

Tor is excellent at doing what the software is designed to do. The public has no alternative that provides the level of anonymity that Tor presents. However, with many of the recent threats to the network’s security, researchers are working on a next generation Tor that can withstand the attacks of the future. According to Ars Technica, the US Naval ... Read More »

Protesters Are Calling for a Tor Blackout on September 1st

A collective is urging Tor users not to use the service for 24 hours on September 1st in protest of how the sexual misconduct allegations were dealt with. Another reason for the protest the group says, is because of the rumor that is circulating about how developers might be letting former government agents join Tor. #torstrike was uploaded to GhostBin, ... Read More »

Tor Releases a ‘Social Contract’ : Never to Intentionally Harm Users

In an effort to further repair some of the tarnished reputation they have managed to garner, The Tor Project released a ‘social contract’ promising never to harm users. Tor has admittedly had a rough start in 2016. Between managing the bad media attention during the Appelbaum scandal and several security threats, they’ve seemingly been doing everything possible to repair the ... Read More »