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D.O.J Official Encourages a Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor

The U.S. government has always appeared to be opposed to Tor due to the nature of illegal activities the software can enable. It appears, though, that certain government officials have no problems vocally endorsing the use of Tor. “That’s not a good way to protect your stuff, because the FBI can go through it like eggshells,” Judge Robert Jenson Bryan ... Read More »

Netsukuku and GNUnet: Viable Tor Alternatives?

On an earlier Deepdotweb article entitled TOR: Is There a Viable Alternative?, I was intrigued by this quote: “The annoying thing about the DarkNet is that there is no “DarkNet”; instead there are DarkNets, all specific to their particular system.” Not long after I started to become more familiar with Tor, I wondered what other darknets existed out there, and ... Read More »

New United Arab Emirates Law Makes Using Tor, VPNs, and Proxies Illegal

A new murky law amended by UAE President dictates that people who use any method of personal security to ensure privacy on the internet will be fined or imprisoned. According to Emirates24/7, UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a significant number of changes to federal laws and one in particular is considerably concerning. The ... Read More »

Tor Project Announces New Code of Conduct After Appelbaum Scandal

In a statement on the Tor blog, the executive director of the organization, Shari Steele,  announced that the Tor Project is implementing new policies and procedures to prevent future incidents. The incident in question would be the sexual assault allegations against one of the Tor Project’s leading developers, Jacob Appelbaum. Several months ago the organization promised they would complete a ... Read More »

Tor to Combat Malicious Node Problem

The discovery of over a hundred malicious nodes has prompted the Tor Network to develop a new design which is designed to fight this ongoing problem. Developer Sebastian Hahn assured that code has already been written to address this issue, and that the release date is being determined. The Tor Network has said that the attacks do not unmask the ... Read More »

Veteran Tor Contributor Exits, Takes Critical Node Down

The Tor network is about to lose Tonga, a crucial piece of the onion network that functions as a Bridge Authority, according to announcement on the Tor blog. The announcement was posted by an original Tor contributor known as Lucky Green – who decided the time was right for him to step away from any involvement in the Tor community. ... Read More »

EUIPO Report: Tor and Bitcoin Hinders the Fight Against Piracy

The European Intellectual Property Office published a new report that found a range of business models that are being used by pirate sites. European Intellectual Property Office is teaming up with Europol this week, signaling Tor and Bitcoin as key threats to the ongoing fight against piracy. The report highlights all of the ways pirate sites like Kickass Torrents and ... Read More »

Airports in London are Blocking Access to Tor

In what appears to be an excellent example of the ongoing censorship in the UK, security researchers have discovered multiple airports in London are preventing access to the Tor Project’s website. The Tor Project, for those unaware, is the organization  primarily responsible for maintaining the Tor, a web browser that sends traffic through an anonymous network. Not only does the ... Read More »

Tor board of directors step down, appoint new members

Following the Jacob Appelbaum scandal that ultimately lead to his resignation, the Tor project announced an entirely new board of directors. The board, before stepping down and passing the baton to the new board on the 12th of July, said that their job was to make sure that Tor has the best leadership possible. They had faith that the new ... Read More »

On Public and Private WiFi, VPNs, Tor, and Virtual Machines

If you require privacy while connected to the internet – and I mean really require it – there is no reason to only make it part of the way to being safe. In the world we live in today, it’s foolish to ever assume you’re completely untraceable. The most we can accomplish is making it as difficult as possible for ... Read More »

Tor operator wanted for questioning about ‘offensive’ forum post

Being brought in for questioning by authorities is nothing new to Tor exit node operators. When an operator receives attention from a government agency, it’s often in regard to serious crimes such as a child pornography ring or a potential terror threat: two examples that require investigation. Given that the users of Tor have their identity masked and the only ... Read More »

Senate Bill Asks For Ways to Stop Bad People From Using Tor

A new bill going through Congress wants to stop “bad people from using Tor. It not only provides a safe haven for online activists and whistle-blowers for people in oppressed countries, but also for criminals, drug users, and pedophiles. The people behind the Tor project aren’t known for taking too kindly to oppressive, intrusive, surveillance minded governments. To go even ... Read More »

Researchers Design Network they Claim is Faster & Safer than Tor

Shortly after the latest breach in Tor, MIT security researchers claim to have developed a network that’s not only more secure than Tor, but also capable of downloading large files in a tenth of the time. The new network, named Riffle (Thesis paper can be found here), incorporates several well-known cryptographic techniques but utilizes them in a new, more secure ... Read More »

Mozilla implementing Tor privacy features in Firefox builds

In 2014, The Tor Project announced that they would be forming a partnership with Mozilla, the company most known for the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. The two organizations still work in unison, sharing patches, bug fixes, and even high-capacity relays. In recent news, Mozilla fought to have the FBI release information regarding a Tor exploit – one that ... Read More »

Researchers Found Over 100 Snooping Tor HSDir Relays

Researchers from Northeastern University had announced their findings of over 100 spy nodes targeting hidden services in the Tor network attempting to compromise websites on the dark web. When it tries to access public websites, the Tor network has one big security flaw; despite the fact that the nodes between your computer and the public internet can’t see where the ... Read More »