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Researchers Found Over 100 Snooping Tor HSDir Relays

Researchers from Northeastern University had announced their findings of over 100 spy nodes targeting hidden services in the Tor network attempting to compromise websites on the dark web. When it tries to access public websites, the Tor network has one big security flaw; despite the fact that the nodes between your computer and the public internet can’t see where the ... Read More »

FBI is trying to hide their TOR exploit for good

Recently, an exploit in TOR helped the FBI take down the largest known child porn site that resulted in at least 1,500 arrests. Mozilla, the company who the majority of TOR’s code is based on, requested that the FBI release the exploit that allowed them to install tracking software on the computers that were used by the offenders. Mozilla had ... Read More »

Tor Teams with Researchers to Harden Tor Browser

Due to the FBI’s success de-anonymizing Tor users, the Tor Project is teaming up with researchers to protect users from any further hacking from the FBI. Vice reports. Pretty recent court cases have shown that the FBI is well capable of hacking Tor, even though the software is praised for its reputation as the best online privacy software available. A ... Read More »

Tor Project Developer Resigns In Response To Sexual Mistreatment Allegations

Jacob Appelbaum, one of the most well known developers of the Tor Project, stepped down due to “public allegations of sexual mistreatment.” The Tor Project only released a brief one-sentence-statement on Thursday about the case, however, they went into further details as they heard that rumors were spreading around in the online community about sexual assault. Appelbaum did the security ... Read More »

Tor 6.0 Officially Released and Ready for Download

As regular Tor users are well aware, the browser has been updated to 6.0. The new release is based on Firefox 45 Extended Support Release. Among other features, the new browser has better support for security and privacy. Things like making DUCKDUCKGO its default search engine. Mozilla’s Firefox ESR is a more stable, enterprise ready version, and its features are ... Read More »

Tor Dev. Talks About WhatsApp Brazil Blockage

Acording to the post on the Tor blog by Isabela, on May 2 2016, a Brazilian judge ordered all cell phone carries to block access to WhatsApp messaging service for 72 hours. This applied tot he whole nation of Brazil, or around 100 million WhatsApp users. Internet censorship events happen all the time. Most accur in countries like Brazil. Places ... Read More »

FBI Still Harassing Lead Tor Developer

Lead software developer for Tor, Isis Agora Lovecruft claims that the FBI is harassing her because they would like to talk with her, but will not disclose a reason why.  An FBI agent showed up at her parents home and left a card, instructing them to have Isis call them.  Later, phone calls to her parents home from the FBI ... Read More »

TOR: Is There a Viable Alternative?

When I first heard about TOR it was probably the most exciting thing I had ever encountered since I had started using computers. I probably jumped onboard when it had been around long enough to be useful and had become quite popular; but was not yet at the point where everyone felt the need to attack, de-anonymize and discredit it. ... Read More »

Former Tor Dev. Turned Government Contractor behind Tor Malware

As it was originally published by Patrick Howell O’Neil on The Daily Dot. Matt Edman is a cyber security expert who went from helping develop The Tor Project, to helping the FBI hack The Tor Project. “It has come to our attention that Matt Edman, who worked with the Tor Project until 2009, subsequently was employed by a defense contractor ... Read More »

Tor Facebook Users Hit 1 Million This Month

The number of people checking they’re Facebook through dark net currently stands at 1 million people per month, the tech giant announced April 22nd . Facebook maintains an onion site that resides on the Tor Network for almost two years. This is the firs time the company has revealed details about its presence in the shadowy corners of the Internet. ... Read More »

TOR & VPN: A Necessary Couple

There was a time when folks felt beyond anonymous using TOR on its own; but it seems a crazy idea today and I can tell you from experience, that using TOR without VPN gives one a feeling of nakedness. Looking further back there were good old days when mass monitoring felt more like a dystopian novel than government policy. People ... Read More »

The Digital Privacy War Hasn’t Stopped Tor From Wanting To Grow

Tors new executive director Shari Steele wants to change the image of the anonymous browser, and make its hard to use technology more friendly for the user. When she took the job at Tor after 15 years at San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation, Shari had something in common with most Internet users; she had never used the Tor browser ... Read More »

CloudFlare says 94% of Tor requests are malicious

CloudFlare says 94 % of the requests coming from the Tor Network are automated malicious communications, but this doesn’t tell the entire story. For a week in March CloudFlare analyzed the traffic of its customer’s sites from the Tor Network. The results of the study show the two-way street of online anonymity. In this case the company found that almost ... Read More »

Judge didn’t know couple ran Tor node

A week after Seattle police searched the home of two well-known privacy activists for child porn and found nothing, it is being questioned why the department didn’t include a very important piece of information to obtain the warrant; that the activists operated a Tor node out of their apartment, in order to help internet users all over the world browse ... Read More »

Paper: Oppressive and Free Countries Use Tor The Most

Who uses Tor? The answer to this question may seem obvious but Eric Jardine, in a paper published in New Media & Society, pointed out “Activists often state that such tools are used by political dissidents who stand up to repressive regimes, but these claims lack abroad, cross-national empirical basis. Without a solid empirical foundation, it is unclear if anonymity ... Read More »