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UnitecDEAMP -A Novel Darknet Traffic Decomposition Approach

Malware is increasingly becoming major threats that almost always finds a way to penetrate through a network, undermining the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data. Network forensics represent the utilization of scientifically proven strategies to identify, obtain, fuse, examine and analyze digital evidence of pre planned intent, or monitored success of malicious activities meant to corrupt, disrupt and/or compromise various ... Read More »

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Every reader of DeepDotWeb knows the importance of surfing the web protected by the Tor network and therefore uses a Tor Browser Bundle. The TBB not only helps us connecting through the Tor network while surfing the internet allowing us to visit onion sites and hiding our ip, but it also uses many security built-in plugins to increase our anonymity ... Read More »

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Frankfurt: 50% of German Dark web Traffic is Illegal

On May 8, 2017, the Frankfurt public prosecutor spoke about the darknet and raised more questions regarding law enforcement’s job in policing hidden services. He acknowledged that the line between crime and free speech was undeniably difficult to distinguish. While allowing almost-unrestricted Tor access could save police resources and protect journalists, it might allow crime levels to go unchecked, he ... Read More »

Internet Traffic Now Halfway To Being Fully Encrypted

In February of 2017, statistics from multiple large internet companies revealed that half of all internet traffic was encrypted. This marks a huge turning point in the movement to encrypt the internet. The use of the HTTPS protocol encrypts internet traffic, making it harder to conduct surveillance, censorship, content hijacking, and cookie stealing. While HTTPS does not hide which websites ... Read More »

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Proactive Response and Detection for TOR (PReDTOR) – A Tool for De-anonymizing Tor Traffic

Tor is a free open source software that enables users to browse the internet anonymously. It utilizes a network of proxy servers from all parts of the world, known as nodes, that route internet connections. Tracing internet traffic sent via Tor represents a daunting task, because it operates via means of encrypted protocols such as HTTPS. Accordingly, determining whether data ... Read More »

The UK Wants to Re-Route Malicious Traffic from its Country, Potentially Causing Harm in Other Countries

Internet providers are being asked to change protocols to protect computers from falling victim to hackers to be used in big time cyber-attacks. The governments cyber security defense department wants to work with networks like Virgin Media and BT to rewrite standards to help restrict a tactic used by hackers to pretend to be other computers in order to use ... Read More »

Unique .Onion Addresses & Hidden-service traffic Now available on Tor Metrics

And can be found here: https://metrics.torproject.org/hidserv-dir-onions-seen.html?graph=hidserv-dir-onions-seen&start=2015-01-06&end=2015-04-06 The following graph shows the number of unique .onion.top addresses in the network per day. These numbers are extrapolated from aggregated statistics on unique .onion.top addresses reported by single relays acting as hidden-service directories, if at least 1% of relays reported these statistics. For more details on the extrapolation algorithm, see this blog post ... Read More »

Study: Estimating hidden service traffic from DNS leaks

A new and interesting study that was published recently under the name   “Measuring the Leakage of Onion at the Root: A measurement of Tor’s .onion.top pseudo-top-level domain in the global domain name system”, By Thomas & Mohaisen 2014, Suggest the following things as they were summarized in a reddit post by Gwern: Tor is capable of providing anonymity to servers, ... Read More »

Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams in Dubai

  If traffic jams in Dubai look anything like this, it is actually pretty cool. On a side note, given that most of these cars are high powered auto-mobiles, is there any chance their traffic jams move faster than in our countries? Fast cars, smoother traffic jams. Something to think about. Read More »