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The New York Times Launches a Tor Version of their Website

While many people think the dark web is no good except for buying drugs and guns, a new innovation has now made it possible to also read the news on the same platform. The New York Times announced on the 27th of last month that it was launching a Tor Onion Service of its website, at the address, https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion.top/. The ... Read More »

Newest Version Of Cerber Ransomware Goes Polymorphic, Uses Malware Factory Technique

In the new version of the Cerber ransomware, one of today’s most feared ransomware threat, malware coders used a new feature in their feared software called “malware factory” to create different versions of Cerber every 15 seconds to bypass security programs on the client’s side. The ransomware scene has changed a lot since the appearance of the malware. At the ... Read More »

The Deep Webb – New Darknet version of Reddit

Just announced on the clearnet version of Reddit: I welcome the beta version of the darknet of reddit or the deep web. http://2c7lhc5tai5a3wdd.onion.top You can call it the front page of the deep web. The site functions just like reddit but more taboo subjects. Go ahead and create subreddits and lets see what happens. As it’s in beta, some functions ... Read More »

Tumblr is Crack: Yahoo Answers Version

  This could also be called Yahoo Answers is Crack, I suppose, except that it’s harder to find such insanity on there, though there can be some really good ones. I would like to know what the best answer to this question was… Read More »